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Home Backup Power

Home Backup Power in Minneapolis - St. Paul
  • Professional home battery installation
  • Off-grid power supply for whole home
  • Seamless integration & maintenance

Reliable Backup Power for Your Home

With higher energy costs and troubling power outages that seem to occur more frequently and last longer, now is the time to have a backup power supply ready for your home. With so many advances in high quality and long lasting battery technology, you have impressive options for powering your home no matter what happens.

Let our expert team at Revience guide you through the possibilities, from backup generators to our Everpower battery backup solutions. Providing you with seamless home automation integration and lasting power is what drives us!

Smart Home News, Trends, & Updates

What Is a Home Battery Backup System & How Does It Work?

Thinking of installing an additional power supply for your home? Consider a  home battery backup system. Let the experts at Revience answer all your questions in this useful guide on battery backup power.

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