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Automated Blinds

Smart Motorized Blinds in Minneapolis - St. Paul
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Automated Shades for Home Comfort

Want to keep the first rays of sunlight out of your bedroom so you can sleep uninterrupted? Or how about effortlessly maintaining your privacy at night? With automated blinds, you can control your window coverings with a simple touch or a string of words.

Whether you want to protect your custom furniture from damaging UV rays or need natural lighting for a calm and inviting aesthetic, automated blinds offer convenience and energy cost savings.

When you work with Revience for smart window shades, you’ll have access to the best products, custom designs and installation, and full integration with lighting and climate controls.

Automated Blinds Installation Minneapolis

Premium Smart Window Shading Systems

Revience only installs top-quality shade control systems from the premier manufacturers at Lutron Shades and QMotion. Both companies offer many different product styles that can match your interior decor and create the natural comfort you’ve looking for in your home.

Incorporate your home’s motorized blinds with voice control for specific rooms or the whole house, and link them to your home security system. You can control your blinds from inside or outside your home to improve your privacy and add extra protection.

Benefits of Electric Shades

Daylight has a quality that humans understand on an emotional level. Colors, finishes, and textures are more accurately seen, and a certain exhilaration fills us when our environment is immersed in daylight. Electronic shading systems provide precision control of the daylight we cherish.

Here are more benefits to installing automatic and motorized blinds in you home:

  • Utilizing natural daylight reduces the need for interior lighting and saves money on your electricity bill.
  • Protects your furniture, flooring, and artwork from fading due to sun exposure.
  • Increases your privacy and adds security to your home and family.
  • Available in many colors, styles, and fabrics.
  • Wired and wireless control options available, all utilizing whisper quiet, low voltage motors.

Sophisticated Smart Home Blinds From Revience

Take control of your lighting environment today! Get beautiful, custom automated shades that reflect your style, connect to your home automation system, and open up better lighting solutions for you. Contact us online or call directly at 763-497-4989.

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