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Home Battery Backup

Whole House Battery Backup in Minneapolis - St. Paul
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Everpower: Essential Home Battery Backup System

When people think of battery backup power, they often think of solar panels attached to a battery system. And while that is a possibility for homeowners to increase energy independence, it isn’t your only option.

With Revience and our 30 years of installing custom alternative power solutions throughout the Twin Cities, you can reduce your energy dependency with a home battery backup system that utilizes solar panels, or install one that captures power from the grid and stores it for you to use later. Save money on your energy bills and keep your power even in a black-out with reliable backup battery power from our team of experts!

Home Battery Backup

Why Everpower Should Be Your Home Battery Bank

Our Everpower division designs smart power systems that can harvest energy from different sources, like solar, wind, gas-powered generators, and even the grid. By collecting and storing energy in a home battery system, homeowners can enjoy more flexibility with their energy usage and be better equipped to handle emergencies.

By essentially creating your own customized energy grid, you can capitalize on these benefits:

Reduced Energy Costs

Since energy pricing is often time dependent, utility companies charge more for energy usage during peak times of the day, like early mornings and during the evening. But with a home battery system using smart software, you can program your system to draw power from the grid only at cost-effective times and store it to power your home during the peak times.

The same power runs your home, appliances, and devices. It’s just coming from your battery’s reserve, instead of directly from the grid. Over time, this reduces your energy costs and makes managing your energy expenses easier.

Immediate Power in Emergencies

With today’s extreme and unpredictable weather conditions and an over-exertion on our power grid system, brown- or black-outs and full-power outages are becoming common occurrences. The best way to stay prepared is with a home backup battery system. If the grid goes down, you can keep everything running, including:

  • Heating and cooling systems
  • In-home medical equipment
  • Wi-Fi and connectivity options
  • Home security systems
  • Electric vehicle charging stations

Greener Power Option

By drawing and storing power from the grid, you may find yourself using less energy than you had before. Home battery backup systems are also a more eco-friendly alternative to backup generators fueled by propane, diesel, or natural gas.

Battery backup systems may even be a safer power alternative for your family as fuel-powered generators have been linked to risks of carbon monoxide poisoning if not used carefully.

Exceptional Home Battery Backup Design, Installation, & Maintenance

Revience will walk you through battery system options and design a complete package that perfectly and seamlessly complements your needs and lifestyle.

When installing your system, our team combines your Everpower solution with any of our other smart home solutions, from smart lighting and other smart home automations to home security systems and electrical panel upgrades.

And when any maintenance needs to be done on your system, our team is here to manage and help you control your energy usage, smart home, and electrical systems.

Never Be Without Power With Revience!

Whether you’re ready for backup battery supplied power or you’d like to stick with a home backup generator, Revience has a customizable power solution for you! Stop relying on an unpredictable grid, and store your power efficiently. Plus, with easily compatible smart home features connected to your backup power, you can continue living your life with nothing to worry about.

Contact Revience today for a free consultation on improving your home’s backup power. Call 763-497-4989 or messaging us online

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