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Electrical Solutions

Electrical Contractor in Minneapolis - St. Paul
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Trusted Home Electrician for Fully Integrated Electrical Solutions

At Revience, we pride ourselves on doing it right. By that, we mean performing the proper electrical installation techniques and treating our clients as they deserve to be treated. Providing leading-edge solutions in electrical customization and home automation for homeowners throughout the Twin Cities is our specialty.

With more than 30 years of developing our electrical expertise, we’ve established a seamless blend of smart home automation with electrical systems that keep homes running with superior performance and efficiency. Our approach continues to allow us to deliver industry-leading service as increasing numbers of homeowners move toward integrated, tech-driven dwellings.

Smart Home News, Trends, & Updates

Top Home Automation Solutions For The Eco-Conscious Household

Looking to simplify and enhance your daily living? Here are a few of our favorite home automation technologies to help you streamline your experience.

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How to Know When You Will Need a Low-Voltage Electrician

Electricians have many areas of expertise. Is the home electrician you’ve got your eyes on qualified to help you? Learn how to recognize when you’ll need a low-voltage electrician.

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What Is a Home Battery Backup System & How Does It Work?

Thinking of installing an additional power supply for your home? Consider a  home battery backup system. Let the experts at Revience answer all your questions in this useful guide on battery backup power.

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