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smart home automation

Smart Home Automation in Minneapolis - St. Paul
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Home Automation & Smart Home Systems

Today’s smart home automation features give you total authority over every aspect of your home’s electronics. From adjusting your lighting via verbal command to effortlessly activating your favorite tunes, you decide when, where, and how your smart home systems operate.

Full system integration allows you to effortlessly merge all of your smart home features for a remarkably intuitive automation experience. Whether you want programmable controls, remote smartphone monitoring, or systems that intuitively react to the shifting environment within your home, Revience, your home automation installer, can make your vision a reality. Contact Us today to schedule a consultation with our team of home automation specialists!

Smart Home News, Trends, & Updates

Top Home Automation Solutions For The Eco-Conscious Household

“Green” is more than a color or an environmental sentiment—it’s a lifestyle. If your family is committed to saving the planet, you’ll need to

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It’s no secret that a smart home does require an up-front investment. It is quite the sophisticated piece of technology

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4 Ways to Make Your Home Unappealing to Intruders

Home security and home automation both play huge roles not only in scaring intruders off, but keeping them away in the first place.

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