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Smart Home Technology Experts in Minneapolis - St. Paul
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Smart Homes With Less Complexity

Innovative smart home technology with sophisticated, user-friendly designs is just a call away with Revience! For the tech enthusiast or the homeowner looking to boost their security, contact our Eden Prairie office and discover the future in smart homes!

Your Home Personalized

Our vision is to help people make their home the most personal space imaginable. From advanced home security systems to customized home theater and media rooms, our experts create individualized, single source smart home designs to meet your vision.

For over 30 years now, our mission has been to build and acquire the technologies, products, and services that allow homeowners, general contractors, architects, and designers to create the most personalized home living experience possible.

This includes creating a healthy environment, peace of mind security, and access to technologies that provide entertainment and function. We hope to instill pride in homeowners while allowing them to operate systems with a minimal time investment, so you can enjoy the good life!

Let us improve your home with our exceptional service, which includes custom designing, installing, and maintaining all of your smart home features, backup power supplies, electrical systems and more.

Love life in your house, and choose Revience for a smarter, more enjoyable home! Contact us today for a free consultation.

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