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What Is a Home Battery Backup System & How Does It Work?

What Is a Home Battery Backup System & How Does It Work?

We’re all looking for better ways to provide extra security and comfort for our homes, and one of the best is with a home battery backup system. Not only do these systems continually supply power to your home, but they are eco-friendly, long-lasting, and safer than other backup power supplies, like generators.

And these battery systems are being recognized by agencies across the country as a significant way to lower carbon emissions and decrease energy bills now and in the future.

Along with many smart home features, the team at Revience is an expert on home battery backup systems and can help you find the best solution for your backup power needs. Use this guide to get started then reach out to us for even more information.

Here are the basics of home battery backup and how it works!

The Basics of a Home Battery Backup System

A home battery backup system acts as an extra layer between the electric grid and your home. A lithium ion battery connects directly to the power grid, stores electricity from it, and makes that power available to use later.

Home battery backup systems can also be connected to solar panels as an additional source of power. Though they do not have to be, some homeowners like having additional power options if needed.

How a Home Battery Backup System Is Used

Most often a battery backup system is used to keep homes powered when the electric grid is out, whether from technical problems that cause a blackout or from weather and natural disasters. Once the grid is out, the battery system clicks on and uses its stored electricity to continue powering your home.

Depending on the size of the battery system and how long the outage lasts, the system can be used to power your whole house or target certain areas. The system can give power to essential parts of your home, like heating, your Internet modem, or medical equipment.

Homeowners are also using their battery backup systems to decrease their energy bills. In neighborhoods where power companies charge more for usage during certain times of the day, you can counter this by running your battery system instead.

Use your stored backup power during the mornings and evenings when electricity rates are the most expensive. Then let your battery system recharge at night when the rates are lower. It’s instant energy savings.

Like a Whole House Generator But Better

A home battery backup system acts similarly to a whole house generator but is a more eco-friendly way of maintaining power than a generator. Home batteries don't require natural gas, propane or diesel, so there are fewer carbon emissions and no risk of accidental carbon monoxide poisoning like there is with generators.

While home battery backup systems are a little more expensive in the initial installation, their overall cost often balances out over generators because generators need to be continuously refueled. Once installed, home battery backup systems tend to save money for you by cutting your energy bills.

Also home battery backup systems are easier to install than generators. They mount directly to walls or floors, quickly connect to your power supplies, and don’t need continual maintenance. Compared to generators, which require significant installation time and resources as well as regular maintenance, the better choice is obvious.

Most systems already come with ten year warranties and with so much research and improvements going into lithium ion battery technology, battery backups will keep getting better and cheaper.

How a Home Battery Backup System Powers Your Home

Your home battery backup system connects directly to the grid where it collects and stores electricity. It can also be attached to solar photovoltaics (PV), also known as solar panels or other alternative power sources to gather and store electricity.

When connected to the grid, your system  can be programmed to collect power during non peak hours and store it. Then you can run the system during the peak hours, so you save money on energy bills.

If the grid goes out for whatever reason, your backup system immediately disconnects from the power grid and becomes a personal grid for your home, supplying power to whatever appliances you need for as long as the stored energy lasts.

While automated and able to recognize when you need backup power supplied, most systems are also connected to the cloud and can be controlled by an app. You have the ability to monitor your power storage and change how and when it runs.

Which Home Battery Backup System Should You Get?

Choosing the right battery system for your home depends on a few factors. First, it depends on your wattage and voltage consumption. Once you’ve figured out how much power you need for your current appliances, add another 20-30% onto that figure to calculate for additional appliances you might get later or if your appliances start to draw more power than before.

Then you will need to decide if you would prefer a system that provides a continuous power supply or just emergency power stored for when you need it. This decision affects the type and amount of battery systems installed, and ultimately changes the cost.

Finally, you’ll need to determine if you’d rather include PV connections and gain additional power through solar energy or if you’d like to only connect to the grid. Either option benefits you and increases your electricity storage capabilities. Adding PVs can extend your power if the grid is out for days, but the initial installation can be steep.

Your best option is to talk with our experts to help you decide what type of home battery backup system will benefit your home and suit your needs the most.

Revience: The Twin Cities Preferred Choice in Home Battery Backup System Installation

Ready to make the big decision that will lead to lower energy bills and curb carbon emissions? Revience is here to answer all of your questions, install the right system for you, and maintain your home battery backup system if it ever needs anything.

As leading experts in all smart home technology, our team keeps you and your family connected, secure, and able to enjoy all the comforts of home all the time!

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