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Home Security System Installation in Minneapolis-St. Paul
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Superior Home Security System Company

For the ultimate in home security, choose Revience! Heighten the protection in and around your home with a complete home alarm and security camera system, custom designed by our experts to maximize safety.


Fully Integrated Home Security Systems Outdoor & Indoor

A home security system is commonly comprised of various components, including a professionally monitored or self monitored security system and video surveillance hardware. Our team at Revience can either hardwire your system or establish a wireless one, depending on the system and whether it is an existing home or under construction.

Typical ingredients include intrusion sensors on entry points into the home, motion or glass break sensors, and life safety devices, like smoke and CO2 detectors. Another vital element is the CCTV video system. In order to document or deter any undesired events that may occur, you will need home security cameras that can see and record the event or perpetrator.

With so many configurations to consider, let our experts design a security system that addresses all the possibilities for your particular residence!

Customized Alarm Systems

A burglar alarm installation in your home can be both a deterrent and prevent successful intrusion, or at least assist in apprehending and prosecuting those involved. Our expertise in the security market enables us to find the best home security system for your needs.

Request a free consultation, and let us customize your alarm system to include your exact requirements, the size of your property, location and number of entry points, and where specific sensors are best installed.

Along with a customized design, our experts install and program your alarm system, even integrating it with your home automation system. We’ll make sure you know how to use it, and our team will maintain your system if you notice any problems.

High-End Security Cameras

Security cameras have become integral to many residential and commercial security systems. While their use is primarily suited to loss prevention and crime deterrence, CCTV equipment can be used to observe a pool and child’s play area, or even to check on the family pet.

Since surveillance systems can be set to operate continuously or only as needed, let Revience assist you in choosing which works best for your home. Depending on the configuration, digital video recorders (DVRs) or network video recorders (NVRs) can provide recording capacity for extended periods of time.

And with improved settings and options, you can program your system to send you alerts via email or text, or view your home remotely from a smartphone, tablet, or computer.

Wireless Doorbell Cameras

Whether you want security cameras around your whole property or you feel you just need one, a smart doorbell is a must have. Waiting on an important delivery? Wanting to enhance your home security? Just trying to screen visitors? A wireless doorbell allows you to monitor your entryway by just looking at your smartphone.

Professionally installed wireless doorbell cameras also offer tons of features, like motion sensors, real-time alerts, live video streaming, two-way talk, night vision, and even home automation compatibility. Some of the most popular options on the market include:

Professional Home Security System Wireless or Hardwire Installation

Revience helps you choose the best combination of alarm equipment and home security cameras to ensure you and your family feel safe and protected. By using only industry leading brands, like GE Security, Honeywell, Resolution Products,, IC Realtime, Holovision, Speco, LUMA, and more, our experts find the perfect solutions for you.

After our initial assessment, our installation team fully integrates your system with your home automation system either wirelessly or hardwired, depending on your home. We’ll show you how to run and program your system, and our team will keep it maintained whenever you need us to.

Revience: Twin Cities Leader in Home Security

Never worry about your safety and security again with Revience! Designing, installing, and maintaining smart home systems is our specialty. From custom home theaters and enhanced lighting solutions to climate control and AV systems, our passion is making your home a more enjoyable space!

Reach out for a free consultation by calling us at 763-497-4989 or messaging us online.

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