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We depend on our Wi-Fi connection every day, from our phones and computers to our TVs; even our kitchen appliances are online now! With so much connectivity needing to happen, you need to have home networking that truly works for you and your lifestyle.

With smart homes and better access to the technology that makes us more productive, rely on a Wi-Fi installation company that fully understands your needs and can boost your internet performance to the next level. Our team at Revience has been providing Twin Cities homeowners with home networking solutions, as well as integrated home automation and home security, that create the strongest Wi-Fi connection you could possibly want.

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Better Home Networking for a Better Home

It’s the way of the future, but let’s be honest, having a completely integrated, well-connected home network is a necessity now! Whether you work from home and need a strong Wi-Fi connection or you want to stream movies easily to any room in your house, you need a home network that makes your life easier.

With more and more appliances and crucial features of your home being designed to connect to apps that run through your home’s automation system, you need a reliable Wi-Fi connection that extends to all parts of your home, indoors and out.

Why Choose Revience As Your Home Networking Installers?

Revience takes all your networking concerns and wants and creates a tailored home networking solution that gives you strong, reliable connectivity in every room in your home, even outdoors.

Individualized Consultation

Start with a personalized consultation with our experts. We get to know your needs for an improved home network, assess where spotty connectivity is occurring, and evaluate your current Wi-Fi performance compared to where you need it to be.

Then we develop an installation plan that fully integrates your home and all its devices for optimal performance connections.

Flawless Integration

Whether you’re installing a whole new networking system or upgrading your existing one with extenders or signal boosters, our trained specialists will ensure that all of your devices are integrated seamlessly. New or previously installed equipment will transition smoothly into your new network.

Enhanced Security

In addition to better signal quality and range, let our experts ensure that your cybersecurity is as secure as it can be. Protect your connection and devices from cyber threats with a high quality system.

Performance Checks

After your system has been installed, our specialists will evaluate its performance and ensure that you are completely satisfied. Our goal is for you to always have the network you need, so contact us if you ever want a performance check or to make additional upgrades.

Revience: Your Home Networking Installers

Make your internet connection faster, stronger, and whole-house reaching with Revience! From complete systems integration to home automated voice control settings to immersive home theaters, we are the Twin Cities leader in designing and installing technology that makes life in your home better.

For a more enjoyable home, call us today at 763-497-4989 or message us online.

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