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Lighting Control

Smart Home Lighting in Minneapolis - St. Paul Area
  • Complete smart home lighting installation
  • Custom-designed smart lighting control
  • Locally operated support services

Superior Lighting Control Systems

Gone are the days of getting out of your cozy bed or off your comfy couch to adjust your lighting. With automated lighting controls, your lighting responds promptly to your every command. Whether that’s from your smartphone, a centralized control panel, or even the sound of your voice, you have total control over interior and exterior lighting and energy usage.

The tech experts at Revience design, install, and maintain lighting control systems, as well as integrate them with automated blinds and voice controls, so you can have all the power. Contact Us today to design the configuration that best suits your needs!

App Controlled Smart Lighting

Benefits of Smart Home Lighting

When you implement smart sensors, your lighting learns to adjust based on time of day and occupancy status, incorporating daylight when applicable. You can even integrate your lighting controls to operate in tandem with your automated blinds to deliver a highly efficient, energy-saving system.

Installing your system with Revience also enables you to design your lighting controls with options, including:

  • More efficient lighting that reduces energy consumption and expenses.
  • Individual room or whole house lighting controlled using a single wall switch.
  • Environmental sensors that integrate both daylight (blinds) and electric light.
  • Exterior lighting automated to switch on or off with the time of day or night.
  • Easily expandable to start with one room, then add more to the system.
  • Controls available in numerous colors and designs.

High Quality Lighting Systems from Lutron

Get only the best lighting control systems with Lutron! Providing wired and wireless systems, Lutron products are capable of lighting up your home theater or your entire house.

As fully certified experts in the installation and programming of all Lutron systems, your home can be seamlessly integrated with any Lutron products, including:

  • Homeworks QS
  • Radio Ra2
  • Caseta Wireless

Revience: Your Automated Lighting Experts

Let our specialists help you design the optimal lighting control solution for your home or business! Tell us what you want or need your system to do, and our team will design and present you with the best fit for your needs, even if that means creating new electrical systems or adding home backup power.

Consultation, design, installation, and support—we provide the complete package for your complete satisfaction! Call us at 763-497-4989 or message us online.

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