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5 of The Latest Trends in Home Security Systems

5 of The Latest Trends in Home Security Systems

Your home is a major investment, and keeping it and your loved ones protected gives you peace of mind. With the advanced features available, home security systems are moving beyond protection with the implementation of smart features, giving them a greater advantage in ensuring the highest level of security coverage available.

Several trends are looking to dominate the market, and the Revience team has them listed below.

1. Wireless Compatibility

The push towards wireless capabilities is trending on all levels of technology, and home security systems are included in this. Going wireless creates easier installation because there's no need to drill holes and run wires, and it lets you monitor the system no matter where you are.

2. Self-Monitoring Systems

With advances in technology on handheld devices, laptops, and tablets, another trend called self-monitoring has been implemented. This system is designed to notify you if your home alarm has been triggered via your device, which can then be used to call for help, disable or enable the alarm, or get text message updates about the situation.

3. Incorporated AI

AI is being applied in everything from self-driving cars to voice assistance, and more home security companies are investing in this technology to help enhance security. From alerting homeowners and local authorities of a break-in to incorporating surveillance systems with intelligent tracking, people counting, and facial recognition, it promises to be an incredibly helpful advancement to consider.

4. Smart Home Features

Home automation is all the rage, and combining your security system with it can make house management streamlined and more cost-effectively efficient. With the ability to activate and deactivate electrical outlets, lights, and home entertainment, this feature is the perfect addition for exterior and interior protection, keeping your home safer when you're at home or away.

5. Voice Control

Voice-controlled features are another trending favorite, and the demand has increased because of its ability to control systems in your home through verbal commands. Once your system has been integrated, you can create customized features with specific names, times, and what system you want to be activated via hands-free command.

Streamline Your Home Security Features With Revience 

The future of your home security system starts by implementing features that can streamline your daily tasks and ensure that your property has the highest level of protection possible.

Maximizing your property's safety starts with professional design, and Revience has been offering personalized and professional tech solutions in Minnesota for over 30 years.

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