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It should be no secret that having a smart home requires an up-front investment. Home automation involves sophisticated technology like security systems, climate control, and smart lighting that must be integrated to provide convenient access for the homeowner through methods like voice control and smartphone apps.

And although smart homes are simple and intuitive to control, the complex networking required to make them means they require specialized help to install — specialized help you can get from experts like our team at Revience in Minnesota.

So do the initial and long-term costs of home automation make sense? Or should you think twice about your investment?

As a home automation installation company, we understand your concerns — these are frequently asked questions for us. To be honest, the price of smart home automation immediately deters some of our potential customers who must draw a hard line at the cost of installation. We get it.

For those who are able to consider the return on investment when faced with the upfront commitment, you’ll be happy to know it pays off over time!

How to Save the Most Money With Home Automation Solutions

Though everyone can benefit from certain smart home technologies, some clients will benefit from some technologies more than others, depending on their individual lifestyles.

For example, an on-the-go owner of a smart home who travels frequently might make more use of a smart thermostat (and thus save more money) than a retired client who is home all the time — or not!

It all depends on how the technology fits into that individual client’s daily routines. If you’re looking into a smart home for its economic benefits, it’s imperative that you seek out a smart home installer that is customer-focused and ready to listen to you, collaborate, and take your lifestyle into account.

Though we recommend a personalized consultation with Revience to determine the right smart home technology for you, the below list can serve as a basis for your inspiration, sparking ideas about what tech to consider.

Ready? Let’s dive in!

Optimize Climate Control With a Smart Thermostat

Minnesota is well-known for its rapidly changing weather and temperatures. Equipping your home with a smart thermostat is an ingenious way to make your home’s interior temperatures just as mobile as our climate.

By enabling you to adjust your home’s temperature remotely via your phone, you can take advantage of moderate days and cut your home’s energy consumption, saving you money. If you realize the weather is nice while you’re away from home, simply pick up your phone and adjust your home’s temperature from there!

Programming reminders of when it's time for filter changes and HVAC maintenance can prevent the breakdown of your heating and cooling units, increasing their durability and costing you less out of pocket.

Given that, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, in 2015, over half (on average) of a U.S. household’s home energy use was put towards heating and cooling, this is one investment that can help you save big.

Conserve Energy With Modern, Smart Lighting

We’ve all been there: you’re 20 minutes away from home, driving to your next destination, when you suddenly realize that you left all your lights on in your rush to leave!

Over time, such mistakes can massively hike up your energy bill. Smart lighting control renders itself an effective solution to this. Simply turn off all your lights with the push of a single button, and you’re ready to go!

The smart home lighting programmable sensors and timers also mean more control over how and when the lighting is used, reducing excess energy waste and ensuring your home is as efficient as possible.

Control Your Electronics With Voice Command

Having electronics running while you aren’t actively using them is not only a money-drainer but also bad for the environment. But if you’re particularly busy and have a lot on your mind, it can be difficult to find the mental space to remember to go around and adjust all of your applicable utilities.

Your time is money, and voice command lets you connect your devices for more personalization and a convenient approach. This type of smart feature also opens up technology for people that have mobility or site issues, giving them more accessibility and less reliance on costly outside resources. 

Home voice control is an innovative solution that can make your day more efficient and streamlined. Just use your voice as you walk through the house, turning your audio and lights on and off as you see fit!

Automated Blinds

Whether you're looking for uninterrupted sleep or enhanced privacy during the day or night, automatic blinds can help you accomplish this with a simple, easy-to-use design. Their design will protect your interior from fading, add more security, and reduce the need for interior lighting, which can help create a more energy-efficient space.

Security Systems

Security systems are critical for deterring thefts, but they can also save you money by reducing your home insurance premiums. Discounts typically range between 2% and 15%, and companies like Progressive, Farmers, and Allstate commonly offer them as part of their coverage.

What About the Initial Price?

Price can be a major deterrent when it comes to installing everything from multi-room audio to smart home controllers. However, with Revience on your side, you never need to worry about blowing your budget.

Our attentive and experienced team is ready and willing to work with you, regardless of your price point, and our mission as a home automation company is to provide individualized solutions, not to pinch every penny out of you.

Prices will vary depending on your needs, and options like smart blinds can range anywhere from $400 to $500 per blind, with other intelligent features, like automated lights, ranging from $350 and up depending on the size of the job, conditions, and product pricing.

No matter what sort of home automation you need, we’re here to help and inform you of your options. Working with a home automation installer like us, we believe, should never have to break the bank.

How to Save Money With Home Automation Installation

If you’re looking to save some cash using these systems, you’re also probably looking for affordable home installation services. You’re looking for Revience!

Upfront costs are often some of the largest you’ll face with your home automation system, and that’s why we recommend hands down working with us.

Ensure Interconnectivity With Revience

A lack of interconnectivity is a common issue faced with new and old smart home solutions, and it can create major headaches! Interconnectivity is the ability of your smart home devices to “talk” amongst themselves and manage each one through accessing another.

Anything from age to inherent incompatibility can cut your devices off from each other, sometimes requiring additional expense in the form of repairs, maintenance, and troubleshooting.

Revience strives to save you the cash and the trouble by picking devices that synergize right out of the gate and will last over time.

Work With a Pro That Strives to Understand Your Needs

Not all smart home installers prioritize the people part of their job, but we do, and this can majorly help you save!

Because we take the time to sit down with you and thoroughly discuss what you want from your future home automation tech, we can construct the perfect symphony of home automation devices for your personalized needs.

No more and no less — nothing superfluous, but nothing lacking. Not only does this approach ensure your satisfaction, but it saves you money initially and in the long run.

Unless your needs change, you won’t need to go through the hassle of paying for more smart home system installation services.

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