Speaker Installation

Home Theater Speakers with Setup and Installation

With the TV and Projector bringing you amazing view, and the Receiver being the brains of a system… Speakers will immerse you in your viewing experience.  Sound will bring your room to life!  Whether you are doing a media room, 2-Channel listening room, or want music for your next outdoor pool party, we can help.

Proper Speaker Selection is done by multiple factors:

  • Component Materials
  • Room Acoustics
  • Placement
  • Aesthetic
  • Budget


Improving your audio experience doesn’t necessarily mean you need a complicated, multi-unit setup. Depending on your space and audio preferences, a high-quality soundbar may be a practical, effective, and space-saving solution for your entertainment needs. Though soundbars won’t provide the genuinely immersive audio experience of a surround sound system, they’re a definite upgrade from your TV or projector’s built-in speakers.

In smaller spaces like guest rooms, soundbars deliver surprisingly impressive surround-sound-mimicking audio. They do this by “spreading” sound across the bar, which gives the impression of multi-channel audio routing. You’ll hear your audio as if it’s being routed through multiple channels and speakers, though in reality, it’s delivered through one long, sleek speaker bar.

Contact Revience Today

At Revience, we offer many of the top speaker brands in the industry, including Sonance, Episode, Paradigm, Origin Acoustics, Niles Audio, and KEF.  We have selected these brands for many reasons, the foremost being audio quality.  After all, the speakers are the final link in this acoustic equation.  Sit down with us and discuss your audio needs, and we will craft the solution that best fits your lifestyle!


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