Cord Cutting

Cord-Cutting Services for Customized Entertainment

Do you love the convenience of hundreds of shows and movies at your fingertips? But you’re ready to drop your pricey, restrictive cable or satellite contract? Good news! We can help!

At Revience, we’re here to help you cut the cord, so you can implement the entertainment services that meet your needs. These days, cable and satellite services are rife with infomercials, commercials, and hundreds of channels you don’t need or want. We’ll help you get rid of the services that no longer serve you, so you get only the entertainment you want—when you want it.

What is Cord Cutting?

Do you want to break up with your cable or satellite provider? Perhaps your once happy relationship has soured over time? Cord cutting can help you do that. In a nutshell, cord cutting is the process of ending your current cable or satellite contract in favor of a more customized, cost-effective entertainment option.

Cable and satellite contracts are expensive, restrictive, and often come with hidden fees and unexpected upcharges. Since nobody enjoys unanticipated bills, these services have suffered a substantial dip in popularity. Instead, media streaming has taken over due to its customizable, cost-effective, and convenient nature. And the best part? You don’t have to sign a contract. Homeowners who cut the cord save an average of $1,200 a year. Better entertainment at a better price? Sounds like a win-win.

How Does Cord Cutting Work?

Cord cutting is more involved than a simple snip-and-done service. We take the time to determine your needs and preferences, so we can help deliver all the entertainment you want, and none of the stuff you don’t. Here’s how we do it:


Before we cut the cord, we’ll meet with you to get a feel for your entertainment preferences and watching habits, and we’ll take a look at the type of equipment you currently have. Armed with that information, we can determine which services will best meet your needs. Next, we’ll evaluate your current equipment setup and determine appropriate wifi routing and antenna placement, if necessary.


Once we’ve finalized your entertainment preferences and determined equipment placement, it’s time to start the installation process. If you choose to include a digital antenna in your new entertainment setup, professional installation will ensure you receive the best signal and highest quality picture. We’ll locate the most appropriate location for your antenna—either on your roof or in your attic—and get to work installing it.

If you’re implementing media streaming devices or services, we’ll help you set those up, too. With a smart TV, streaming integration is as easy as selecting the services you want and signing into each app. If you’d prefer to use a device instead, such as Roku, Firestick, Apple TV, etc., we’ll help you select the device most fitting for your needs. Once you’ve chosen your device, we’ll have you up and running—or streaming—in no time!

We also help with digital video recorder (DVR) installation and setup if you’d like to implement this technology with your digital antenna. Certain DVR devices are even compatible with streaming services, and we can recommend the best products to meet your needs. If you’re opting for a DVR, we’ll perform installation and setup when we install your antenna.

Education and Support

As a final step, we’ll walk you through using each of your new services and devices so you can get the most out of your new entertainment setup. If you ever have trouble after installation, just give us a call, and we’ll be happy to help!

Cord Cutting Options

When you’re looking to ditch your cable or satellite contract in favor of customized entertainment options, you have a wide variety of choices. While media streaming gives you shows, movies, and sports at your fingertips, sometimes, you just want to watch the local news. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ll deliver it.

  • Media Streaming Devices
    Whether you want to stream straight from a Smart TV, or you’d prefer using a connected device, streaming puts thousands of entertainment options in front of you at all times. We’ll help you get the appropriate devices installed and set up, and if you need guidance on how to use them, we’ll help with that, too!
  • Digital TV Antenna
    If you love your local news, a digital TV antenna will deliver it. With a digital antenna, you get a clear, consistent picture and several basic cable channels. Your antenna simply picks up the signal from an in-range, over-the-air broadcast and transmits that signal to your TV.
  • Converter Boxes
    If you have an older television you’re not willing to part with, we can install a cable converter box to work with your digital antenna. A digital-to-analog converter box works by converting the signal from a digital TV antenna to a signal your analog TV can transmit. With a converter box, your older television can still display your favorite local broadcasts.
  • Digital Video Recorder
    If you love recording shows, movies, and sports so you can watch them at a convenient time, we can install a DVR in combination with any of our other services. When your favorite local broadcasts are on, you can set the system to record your programs, even if you’re away from home.
  • Smart TV
    We’ll help you choose the best smart TV for your preferences, install it in your home, and connect each of your new or existing components. Smart TVs are a highly convenient option since they allow you to access multiple streaming services from a single device. All you need to do is log in to each app!
  • Broadcast Network Solutions
    If you want to cut your contract but just can’t do without your favorite cable network broadcasts, we’ll help you find a solution. There’s simply no sense in paying for hundreds of channels you don’t need or watch. We’ll help you find a streaming solution so you can still watch your favorite networks—without the price tag of a comprehensive cable package.

Ready To Cut the Cord? Contact Revience

If you’re ready to ditch your cable or satellite contract in favor of customized entertainment, it’s time to call Revience. Our cord-cutting service is ready to help you customize the entertainment you want and get rid of what is no longer serving you. Whether you just want local channels or a full streaming setup, we’ll help you choose the products and services best suited to your unique needs. To learn more about our cord-cutting services, give us a call at 952-941-5289. If you’re ready to get started, feel free to request a quote.


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