Home Security Systems

Protect and Secure Your Home With Fully Integrated Security Systems

A home security system is commonly comprised of various components, including a professionally monitored or self monitored security system and video surveillance hardware. Typical ingredients may include various intrusion sensors on entry points into the home, motion or glass break sensors, and life safety devices such as smoke and CO2 detectors.  These can either be hardwired or wireless depending on the system and whether it is an existing home or one that is under construction.  Another vital element is the CCTV video system.  In order to document or deter any undesired events that may occur, you will need home security cameras that can see and record the event and the perpetrator.

Alarm Systems


Protect your home and family with custom-designed, monitored alarm systems to enhance security and peace of mind.

Security Cameras

Security Cameras

Secure your property with custom, automated surveillance systems designed to detect and alert you to unusual activity.

At Revience, we offer many of the top Home Security Systems in the industry, including GE Security, Honeywell, Resolution Products and Alarm.com.  Our expert staff will help you design a security system that addresses all the possibilities for your particular residence, as no two are alike. Should a particular entry point be protected by a door or window contact, or should it also include a motion detector in the event that the door or window is not actually opened during the intrusion?  Is your sliding glass door likely to be shattered to gain entry, thus being a candidate for a glass-break sensor in addition to the standard door contact?  There are many possible configurations to consider, and our team has the knowledge and experience to ask the right questions.  Together, we will determine the most appropriate solution for your needs.

Security video cameras can either be hardwired or wireless, and have varying levels of performance parameters to choose from. Environmental considerations such as location and desired coverage area may help determine whether the camera must be an indoor or outdoor model, what type of resolution, field of view, or low light capabilities it needs to have, as well as connectivity options. DVR’s (Digital Video Recorders) can record and store video information locally, while other cameras are IP-based, meaning they can stream data to online storage or viewing devices. You can even view live or recorded footage from anywhere with your smart phone and get notifications sent to you if an event is triggered. With all of these choices available to the consumer, Revience will help you choose the best combination of alarm equipment and home security cameras for your specific application.

Home security installation is one of our many talents, so leave the setup and programming to the people who do it every day!  Avoid the headaches and hour-long tech support phone calls that are inherent with the ‘Do-It-Yourself’ alarm system from your nearby ‘Super Store’.  With a professionally designed and installed system, you will never have to worry about the safety and security of your home and family!  You will also realize monetary benefits over time through lowered insurance rates and increased home value, since it is less likely to suffer from successful intrusion with a security system deployed.

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