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Home Automation & Smart Home Control

Who doesn’t love being in control? Today’s smart home automation features give you total authority over every aspect of your home’s electronics. From adjusting your lighting via verbal command to effortlessly activating your favorite tunes, you decide when, where, and how your smart home systems operate. A full system integration allows you to effortlessly merge all of your smart home features for a remarkably intuitive automation experience.

Want to tell your thermostat to adjust the heat before you arrive home from work? You got it. Or how about arm your security system remotely? Not a problem. Whether you want programmable controls, remote smartphone monitoring, or systems that intuitively react to the shifting environment within your home, at Revience, we can make your vision a reality.

Control Systems

Control Systems

Seamlessly operate each of your smart home components from one centralized hub with home automation control systems.

Lighting Controls

Lighting Controls

Command your home’s interior and exterior lighting whenever you desire, from wherever you are with smart home lighting systems..

Home Voice Control

Home Voice Control

Operate your automated home systems with a simple voice command. With multi-room audio, communication has never been more streamlined.

Automated Blinds

Automated Blinds

Classic or contemporary automated blinds give you precision control of natural lighting from any room in your home.

Smart Thermostat & Smoke Detectors

Smart Thermostat & Smoke Detectors

Enhance your home’s comfort and safety with remote-monitored or programmable smart thermostats and smoke detectors.

Home Networking

Home Networking

Access the internet and your connected devices from anywhere in your home with a modern home networking setup.

Are Smart Home Systems For You?

How do you know if smart home automation is for you? What systems are most fitting for your needs? Start by asking yourself a few questions:

  • Do you appreciate responsive, intuitive design in your electronics?
  • Do you take comfort in knowing your family and property are secure and well-protected?
  • Would you find it convenient to monitor and adjust your climate control remotely?
  • Do you loathe getting out of bed to shut off the lights?
  • Do you enjoy entertaining guests?
  • Would you appreciate the hands-off convenience of voice command?

Home automation puts complete control at your fingertips via a singular, intelligent operating system designed to integrate and command all of your components with just a touch. If you prefer voice command or remote smartphone control, you can easily implement these features via your wifi-connected smart devices.

What Systems Can Home Automation Include?

Better question: what systems can’t it include?

When you work with a knowledgeable and passionate system designer and home automation installer, the sky is truly your limit. These days, smart home systems are incredibly advanced. Gone are the days of multiple remotes, clunky receivers, bulky consoles, and messy electrical cords clogging up your space and interior aesthetic. Smart home systems allow all of your connected devices to communicate and operate seamlessly alongside one another.

Control Systems

As the brain and circulatory system behind all of your automation features, a centralized control system allows full device integration for seamless, responsive operation. With a robust control system, you can coordinate lighting, multi-room audio, multi-screen video, climate control, security cameras, alarm systems, and much more.


Want to keep the first rays of sunlight out of your bedroom so you can sleep uninterrupted? Or how about effortlessly maintaining your privacy at night? With automated blinds, you can control your window coverings with a simple touch or a string of words. Whether you want to protect your custom furniture from damaging UV rays or need natural lighting for a calm and inviting aesthetic, automated blinds offer convenience and energy cost savings.

Lighting Controls

Gone are the days of getting out of your cozy bed or off your comfy couch to adjust your lighting. With automated lighting controls, your lighting responds promptly to your every command. Whether that’s from your smartphone, a centralized control panel, or even the sound of your voice, you have total control over interior and exterior lighting and energy usage.

When you implement smart sensors, your lighting learns to adjust based on time of day and occupancy status, incorporating daylight when applicable. You can even integrate your lighting controls to operate in tandem with your automated blinds to deliver a highly efficient, energy-saving system.

Smart Thermostat & Smoke Detectors

Climate control from wherever you are, whenever you need it. Want to adjust your air before you waltz in the door after work? One-touch smartphone commands bring control to your fingertips. Automated thermostats maintain around-the-clock comfort through a combination of programming, remote monitoring, and smart sensors that intuitively react to changing circumstances in your home.

Smart smoke detectors offer unprecedented protection from smoke, fire, and carbon monoxide via fully integrable system programming. In the event of an emergency, a smart smoke detector triggers instant alerts and activates safety features throughout your home.

Voice Control

What’s more convenient and empowering than telling your stuff what to do? With automated voice control, simply utter your command, and it’s as good as done. Achieve on-demand activation and adjustments to your lighting, security systems, audio, video, thermostat, and much more. Got a thing for Alexa? Automated voice controls are right up your alley.

Smart Home Automation, Personalized

Implementing smart home systems means selecting the products, features, and integrations that fit your lifestyle. Home automation works to enhance your life, making day-to-day tasks easier and more convenient. At Revience, we work with you to determine a custom design that meets your every need, effortlessly.

Advanced wired, wireless, and combination networking systems communicate information between all of your integrated devices via one centralized control hub. You won’t find yourself repeating commands or clunking through manual adjustments if that’s not your aim. Instead, we can design your system to set off a beautifully orchestrated chain reaction of tech excellence.

Imagine: you walk in the door after a long day, and with just a single command, your entire home responds. Your lighting automatically dims, your favorite melodies softly erupt from surround sound speakers, and your shades effortlessly draw closed. Relax and enjoy the unprecedented comfort and convenience of what is essentially your very own virtual butler. Don’t get too excited—you still have to pour the drinks, of course.

Revience: Your Trusted Home Automation Company

Sound intriguing? Then it’s time to contact Revience. As one of the Twin Cities’ longest standing home automation companies and smart home installers, we have the state-of-the-art systems you crave, and the installation experience to integrate your systems flawlessly.

We’ve been designing and installing custom automation systems since 1989. When you work with us, we ensure your satisfaction through comprehensive design, installation, education, and 24/7 responsiveness. It’s our goal to deliver the most comprehensive systems for your investment and to help you get the most out of your new smart home design. To learn more about our products and services or to request a quote, give us a call at 952-941-5289 to get started today.


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