Reliable back-up power for:

When the utilities go down, you’re still up.

No more power interruptions, brown- or black-outs, and less grid dependence.

  • keeps wifi and connectivity up
  • ensures security systems are always on
  • protects in-home medical equipment from outages
  • assures power for heating and cooling
  • provides handy and cost effective EV charging
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It’s your own customized grid.

The price of energy is lower during off-peak hours. That’s when you use your system to harvest and store power. Then use your less expensive stored power during peak times to offset rising costs.

A smart power system can be designed to harvest energy from different sources, like the grid, or from a variety of alternate sources, such as solar, wind, and gas-powered generators.

Smart power is convenient, clean, safe, quiet, and cost-effective.

Revience will walk you through design and battery system options that perfectly — and seamlessly — complement your needs and lifestyle.

Revience has over 25 years of power solutions for homeowners.

"A battery will do for the electricity supply chain what refrigeration did to our food supply chain."

– Donald Sadoway MIT, Grist Magazine

"Energy storage is actually the true bridge to a clean-energy future."

– Bernadette Del Chiaro, executive director of the California Solar and Storage Association

"We see storage being a large player across effectively every future we look at, And not just one or two gigawatts… but tens to hundreds of gigawatts."

– Wesley Cole National Renewable Energy Laboratory BBC / Future Planet Dec 2020

Now you have the power to control power!

Revience can help you combine EverPower with other smart home solutions:

to manage and control all energy usage in your home
to enhance well-being, add beauty, and support security

To learn more, please contact a Revience representative at (763) 497-4989

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