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Engaged Electric wires smoke detectors, under cabinet lighting, in-floor heat & more! We also troubleshoot and work on new and remodeled homes & commercial spaces. We work with your builder or directly with you. Often, we do the design but can work with a lighting designer or architect as well.

High-Voltage Wiring

In a typical home, high-voltage wiring, also called line wiring, can be found at power outlets, light switches, HVAC wiring and fixtures. Because the line wiring supplying your home delivers between 120 and 240 VAC, it’s easier for electronic devices to transform source voltage to their individual needs. Residential devices only use a fraction of the voltage produced by the high-voltage wiring in your home. Take a lightbulb, for example—it connects to a 120-volt power source but uses only 40 to 100 watts after converting source voltage to its needs.

Because home automation components are typically incompatible with standard, high-voltage home wiring, having a licensed low-voltage home electrician—like those at Revience—is paramount. We’ll design and implement a comprehensive low-volt wiring solution for even the most complex home automation systems.

Design, Installation, and Followup

From the initial planning phase of your wiring project to the installation and followup, we’ll be there every step of the way. Our licensed electricians are experts at integrating both standard and low-voltage wiring solutions for tech-forward homeowners. Decades of experience allow us to recommend the most efficient electrical solutions for your home’s unique energy profile and device setup.

When energy efficiency is of paramount concern, we excel at designing and implementing dynamic solutions to lower your energy profile without compromising performance. Lighting control systems, LED lighting upgrades, occupancy sensors, and PV solar systems are just a few of our energy-efficient specialties.

At Revience, we’re on-call 24/7, so if you ever have an issue, don’t hesitate to contact us. We’ll even go so far as to hand you our personal contact information so you can always reach us if things go awry. Whether you need assistance with your wiring or the devices and systems it feeds, we’ll be there.

New Construction & Home Remodels

Whether your home is under new construction, or you’re upgrading it to accommodate your lifestyle, our licensed home electrical contractors will design and install wiring to meet your needs. We’ll meet with you to determine the systems and features you’d like to include in your project, so we can design and implement the appropriate high- and low-voltage solutions.

Because low-voltage wiring and smart home system integration are highly complex, you should only trust system design to a licensed, low-voltage electrician. And because we have decades of experience designing and integrating these complex wiring systems, you can trust we’ll deliver high-quality, efficient solutions every step of the way. As part of your new construction or remodel project, we can also wire in whole-house surge protection to guard your new systems and devices from damage.

Panel Upgrades and Swaps

If you’ve been experiencing inconsistent electrical flow in your home, it may be time for an upgrade. Service panels and wiring should be inspected and upgraded anytime you experience:

  • Flickering or dimming lighting
  • Frequently tripping circuit breakers
  • Burning electrical odors
  • Frequent sparks when using outlets
  • Tingling sensations from outlets or appliances

Outdated, damaged, or improperly installed wiring or electrical panels are major hazards for your home, not to mention your complex electrical systems. If you have existing smart home components, wiring issues can cause significant damage to these specialized systems, perhaps even rendering them unusable. Our licensed home electricians can locate any issues and design a solution to fit your home’s unique electrical profile.

Low-Voltage Versus High-Voltage Wiring

When it comes to residential wiring, your home has two types: low voltage and high voltage. The majority of the wiring and circuits throughout your home are high-voltage, as that’s long been the residential standard. For home automation or smart home applications; however, low-voltage wiring is essential.

Low-Voltage Wiring

Low-voltage wiring is the backbone of any fully integrated smart home; it also feeds many of the devices and systems you may already own. This type of wiring is designed to support specialized devices and systems to promote enhanced homeowner safety. Currently, any device that operates using 5 to 24 volts is considered low voltage. Examples of such devices include:

Low-Voltage Wiring: A Modern Home Necessity

Low-voltage wiring is any wiring that does not carry the same electrical current that standard, high-voltage wiring carries throughout your home. When you plug something into a standard wall outlet, you’re using high-voltage wiring. However, home automation features are designed to operate using efficient, low-voltage wiring. Home networking systems, audio systems, WiFi, security systems, and video distribution systems all require a separate low-voltage network apart from standard residential electrical wiring.

Structured cable systems, the technical term for low-voltage infrastructure, consist of low-volt wiring, distribution panels, jacks, and a network interface device. This system works to transform source voltage from your utility company to a lower-voltage power supply for home. Most modern electronic equipment operates using low-voltage power because it’s far more efficient and safer than high-voltage wiring.

Fiber Optic Cable: Enhance Speed, Connectivity, and Reliability

The modern automated home features a growing assortment of devices and systems that rely on a robust internet connection and substantial bandwidth to support their seamless operation. Fiber optic cable, the fastest communication system available today, is unquestionably the most versatile high-speed internet connection due to its superior reliability and virtually unlimited bandwidth. Want to future proof your internet connection while enjoying lighting-fast communication and device operation? Fiber-to-the-home has you covered.

Need a Licensed Home Electrician? Contact Revience

Whether you need low voltage or high voltage residential electrical installation, our licensed home electricians are here to deliver superior service and solutions. We’ve been installing electrical systems for custom homeowners throughout the Twin Cities since 1989, and we pride ourselves on our long-standing, positive client relationships. To learn more about our residential electrical services or to request your design and installation quote, give us a call at 952-941-5289.


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