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4 Ways to Make Your Home Unappealing to Intruders

4 Ways to Make Your Home Unappealing to Intruders

You care about your family’s safety, security, and wellbeing, so of course, you want to keep your home off the target lists of any possible assailants. Even if they solely have financial gain as the motive for their breaking and entering, break-ins can have a major impact on your monetary standing, as well as the mental health of your loved ones. Indeed, it can shake the most steadfast to the core to have one’s home invaded.

Knowing how to act in a crisis—if your home were to be broken into—is one thing, but preventing the situation from happening in the first place is of course preferable (and much safer). That’s why Revience, your Minneapolis - St. Paul provider of home security solutions is here with a few tips below on how to dissuade would-be wrongdoers from selecting your home as their next quarry.

1. Home Security Systems With Cameras

Optimal comfort in your home is key to living an enjoyable, relaxed life. Household security systems can give you the peace of mind of knowing that your home is safe and protected at all times. Security cameras won’t only help you keep an eye on your home, but it will also deter criminals from trying to break in.

Cameras are also perhaps effective in this respect because they capture evidence for the authorities—and criminals know this, as even law-abiding citizens understand the functions of such devices in, say, a retail store. The presence of a camera means the presence of accountability, and such a presence is often enough on its own to make a thief back down.

Though cameras are amazing security enhancers, they’re also awesome in terms of convenience, too.

2. Alarm-Based Home Security Systems

Effective on their own or when paired with cameras, alarm-based systems, which use sound to alert you to a criminal’s presence, are another great way to take your home off the target list—and they can even stay silent to do it! These systems can alert the authorities when tripped, but oftentimes the sole idea of consequences is deterrent enough.

Of course, they’re also quite useful when they do serve their intended purpose. A loud, sudden noise seemingly out of nowhere can serve as plenty of encouragement to cut losses and run should a criminal attempt to target your home. It has a way of spiking a sense of urgency and panic (as it should). Plus, since you’ll be alerted as well as the authorities and any passerby, this again threatens accountability.

3. Practice Proper Garage Security

Leaving your garage door open is like painting a big red X on your home, as doing so provides an easy access point for thieves. Very few people tend to lock the door that connects the garage to the rest of the home, after all. Plus, there are all the valuables you store in the garage itself, such as your vehicles.

You should always close your garage door when nobody is around to physically watch it. While leaving it open to unload groceries and the like is acceptable if your family is around, as soon as the job is finished, pull your car in and lock up. Safety first!

Home Automation and Smart Home Solutions for Garage Doors

We know it’s not always easy to remember if you’ve closed your garage door when you leave the house. The fact that it’s a habit that you don’t even think about is what makes you overthink it! Luckily, you can easily solve this home security problem with our home security camera systems that come with remote access capabilities. A simple check-in can let you know if your garage door is open; simply shoot someone a text to shut it.

For an even more seamless solution, you can integrate smart home technology with our help and the help of brands like Control4.

4. Lighting Matters

Criminals love to strike when your home is empty and defenseless. However, leaving the lights on all the time to fool them and suggest your occupancy can get expensive. Plus, it’s hard to remember to arm your home in this sense when you’re dashing out the door for work in the morning!

Luckily, smart home lighting systems effortlessly provide a solution. By enabling remote access to your home’s lights, you can turn them on with a tap of your finger—wherever you are. Providing these systems is just another way that we at Revience strive to keep your family safe.

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