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The consumer entertainment market is overflowing with choices. A range of equipment is available from department stores to ‘big box’ electronics retailers to specialty boutiques that practically charge a cover to enter the store. Prices vary from the low-budget all-in-one home theater for a few hundred dollars to single components ranging in the many thousands of dollars. Every brand touts their product as “the one you must have” for a myriad of reasons, and there is something for every potential end-user. From the college freshman that just needs something to play music on in his or her dorm room, to the affluent aficionado who spends more on audio than most people earn in a year – this sea of choices can be overwhelming to the initiate.  What should you buy?

Let’s start with speakers. They are one element of any audio system that you cannot do without, unless all of your listening is done through headphones. Speakers range from small to large, from enclosure-based to in-wall or in-ceiling styles, and from inexpensive to “that’s crazy!” The best place to begin is to first determine what type of listening you intend to do. Will it be home theater, 2-channel stereo, multi-room sound throughout your home, or perhaps a combination of several formats? This will help narrow your search to specific types of loudspeaker designs. Your living room may be conducive to large, floor standing speakers; your multi-room audio may call for ceiling speakers and several in-wall units. All speakers connect to some type of amplifier, so whether you already own one or will be purchasing it as part of a complete solution, it will speak to the quality and performance capabilities that your speakers need to have. Next we need to evaluate the overall budget for your project. Once these variables have been identified, Revience will recommend the speakers that will best fit your needs, your budget and your entertainment expectations. We take the confusion out of home speaker equation!