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Since our founding in 1989, as many custom electronics retailers busied themselves about their various concerns, Revience studied our markets and our profession, perhaps not unlike how a man with a microscope might scrutinize the transient creatures that swarm in a drop of water. While many household names and independent businesses have come and gone, EHS has instead remained strong, grown, and laid a solid foundation for great things to come.

Based in the Twin Cities, Revience has worked on some of the finest custom homes, both locally and nationally. Decorated with awards and certifications from every facet of this industry, we are involved in all aspects of system design and installation, relying on our own expert team for every part of the project. From large, complex solutions to those that are small and basic, we offer the best value and the finest overall consumer electronics experience.

Our work does not end once your system is installed and operational. A true hallmark of exceptional customer service is how a company takes care of the client when things go wrong, even long after the original sale. Our technicians are knowledgeable in troubleshooting and quick to find remedial actions that can resolve just about any issue. You will not need to explain how 2000 feet of wiring is hooked up to the service tech, because we retain the digital design and installation files for your job in order to exact immediate diagnoses and provide tangible corrections to whatever problem may be afoot.

Committed not only to serving our clients’ home entertainment and home automation needs, our concerns extend to the environment at large. By designing solutions that are energy efficient, recycling component packaging, and minimizing trips to the job site with intelligent design and efficient installation, a real difference is made. Revience – when you want the very best from start to finish and down the road, we deliver!