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When it comes to home automation and home control systems, many people have narrow, fixed ideas of what these terms mean. Perhaps they envision smart home controllers and being able to control various aspects of their home straight from their cell phones. Or, perhaps they think the term solely refers to smaller, more specific functions, such as automated blinds or automated shades. All this variance means that it can be very difficult to research home automation systems, should you be interested in buying one, let alone have a conversation about the field itself! Searching “home automation” on the Internet, for example, can yield information about everything from multi-room audio systems to smart lighting control.

If the confusion surrounding the term has scared you away from home automation systems, we here at Revience don’t blame you. It can be difficult to educate oneself about such a multifaceted word. The truth of the matter is that “home automation” is a broad, wide-reaching term that can encompass a range of products, and that it’s often much clearer to use more specific phrases to refer exactly to the product or idea you have in mind.

Learning all these specific phrases on one’s own, though can feel like learning the alphabet all over again! That’s why Revience, an Edina home security, home automation, and home theater company explains a few of the terms that fall under the “home automation” umbrella below.

Home Automation: A Crash Course

Again, the term  “home automation” is broad and can have many meanings, depending on the context. Generally speaking, it refers to any piece of technology that automates (makes automatic) or makes easier certain household inconveniences you’d generally do yourself. If the word “smart” proceeds a home automation system’s name, it usually has little to do with the intelligence of the system itself. Oftentimes, “smart” means that the system can be controlled through a cell phone or that it’s easy to use, not that the system possesses any degree of sentience.

Home automation systems generally are used by people who prize efficiency and ease of use above all else. They make life convenient and worry-free. However, they also can give a greater degree of independence to the disabled and those with mobility-related concerns. The broad range of products that can be referred to as “home automation” means that there’s a system that’s right for everyone. No matter who you are, you can experience the convenience and comfort a home automation system provides.

All that being said, we promised you a few specific products that can be referred to as “home automation systems,” so here they are:

●        Smart thermostats. To save money, many Minnesotans opt to program their thermostats to turn down when they aren’t home and turn back up again when they are. However, our modern schedules can be erratic, and it’s never fun to come home early to a freezing house or to have to sit down and manually reprogram everything every time you leave for a weekend cabin trip.

However, home climate control doesn’t have to be such a hassle! Smart thermostats allow you to adjust your home’s temperature straight from your phone, no matter where you are. Our models also allow for voice activation, meaning that a simple word is all it takes to change your whole home’s climate. Through intuitive data collection, some smart thermostats can even predict when you’ll be home or away and adjust themselves accordingly, which can save you money and help the environment at the same time.

●        Motorized blinds. On rare, sunny, winter days here in Minnesota, it’s perfectly natural to want to let a little light into your home. However, it can be a major pain to walk around and open all of your blinds by hand. Imagine being able to control your shades wirelessly! That’s what automated blinds allow you to do. It’s not only homes that benefit from this technology, however; businesses everywhere also use them to help save on energy costs and ensure employee privacy. Motorized blinds are a seemingly simple, inconsequential innovation that, in reality, can make a huge impact.

●        Lighting control. We all know that leaving the lights on when we’re not home not only needlessly racks up energy bills, but it also is severely damaging to the environment. Avoid this all-too-common problem with lighting control systems from Revience. Our products effectively centralize your home’s lighting, enabling you to control it from a singular wall switch. They’re also able to be linked with motorized blinds to maximize your energy savings and minimize your environmental impact.

Curious About what Home Automation Can Do for You? Revience is Here to Help

Our Edina office would be happy to answer any of your questions regarding home automation and its countless applications. Give us a call today at 952-941-5289.