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If you’re currently in the market for home security or a home automation system, you’ve likely heard the terms “smart home” and “home automation.” “Smart” generally refers to electronic devices and sensors that can be controlled on your network or over the internet, while “home automation” is a method for using smart home devices.

Just because a device is “smart” doesn’t mean it thinks for itself. For example, smart bulbs are smart home devices that are connected to an app controlled by your smartphone, iPad, or other device. If you were going to watch a movie, you could open the app associated with the smart bulb and adjust the lighting to dim or turn off. Home automation takes things one step further. If you incorporated your smart bulbs into a home automation system, your home could detect when you’re watching a movie and automatically adjust the lighting to your set preferences.

If you still feel confused, Revience is here to help. We specialize in many home automation systems, including lighting controls, thermostats, and more. With our wide-reaching expertise and individualized approach, we can cater to all of your home automation needs.

When you contact us for a quote, we work closely with you to understand which home automation controls are best suited to your family and lifestyle. Whether you want to add a touch of convenience to your day-to-day routine or need a complete smart home system for accessibility reasons, we can set up technologies that augment seamlessly into your life, enhancing it in ways you never thought possible. It’s in our name, after all!

That being said, it never hurts to learn a little bit about what technology is available to you before you give us a call. Being an educated consumer can help your initial consultations go a lot quicker, and you’ll feel a lot less nervous if you know what you’re talking about. Rest assured, we’ll explain any terms you’re unfamiliar with. There’s no need to feel nervous in the first place!

A while back on our blog, we talked a bit about types of home automation systems available today. Now we’ll take a closer look at smart home automation.

Smart Home Automation

When someone refers to a “home automation system,” they could be referring to a smart home system – or not!

Smart home systems set themselves apart from other home automation systems in that they generally are controlled via a smartphone, whereas other home automation systems are controlled by more stationary consoles, such as wall panels. One is not inherently “better” than its counterpart; instead, both types of home automation systems serve unique purposes that make them better suited for some homes over others.

A smart home is a perfect home automation solution for:

●        Homeowners who already use their phones a lot. Always on social media? Do a lot of business on your phone? If you already use your phone to centralize other aspects of your life, smart home technology is a perfect solution for you. Certain technologies, for example, send your phone alerts if something is amiss, and countless more enable control from afar, even if you aren’t home.

●        Homeowners on the go. In this day and age, it seems families are always doing something, and this is especially true once kids enter the picture. Family outings, extracurriculars, drives to friends’ houses – the list goes on and on! It’s so easy to forget to manage your home when you’re always on the go, but smart home technology makes it easy to do so with the push of a button. Our smart thermostats, for example, allow you to adjust your home’s temperature from anywhere, giving you the control you need when you can’t physically be there to adjust the device yourself.

●        The homeowner with curious kids. Though we love our children, curious hands often will mess with things that should not be messed with. While control panels can easily be placed out of reach, minimizing the chance that a child could meddle in your home management is easy with smart technology. Once they are old enough to have a say in your home management, giving them access is easy; Simply install the app on their phone, sit down with them, and teach them how it works.

Looking for Intuitive Smart Home Technology? Revience is On the Case

Our Edina company of home automation installers would be happy to consult with you. Give our office a call now at 952-941-5289. We’d love to have a meeting with you and learn how we can make your life a little more convenient.