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We all use WiFi. From surfing social media on our phones to crushing our online opponents in video games, this commodity has become a near necessity for the entertainment of countless citizens all around the globe.

So what happens when the internet goes out?

Of course, you may have heard jokes about being unable to survive without WiFi, but for many people, no internet is a serious problem. With the rise in remote workers, alongside other employees choosing to work half at home and half in the office, a solid WiFi connection has become integral to many people’s incomes. No WiFi means no work gets done. Therefore, a steadfast home networking system is essential, lest one wants to commute to a coffee shop every day. Even for people who don’t work from home, it can be tough going without apps that let us stay connected or video games that bring a welcome break from reality.

Perhaps an even more frustrating problem than permanently disabled internet is intermittent internet. An internet connection that goes off and on again, with little indication as to why, is a headache for many. For those with home-based jobs or businesses, this can cause immense anxiety. Will you be able to work today or answer calls from customers? For the passionate video gamer, too, this can be the bane of their gaming existence. Good luck winning matches when your internet cuts out in the middle of them!

Though intermittent internet can seem to have no rhyme or reason, there generally is a cause behind it. As a WiFi installation company, we’re here to discuss a few of the common ones. Of course, the exact cause of your finicky internet is individualistic, but you should walk away from this post with a deeper understanding of a few possible problems that could be leading to your spotty connection.

Let’s dive in.

Make Sure it’s Your Internet That’s the Problem

As home networking installers, we’ve seen our fair share of WiFi problems. We also know, then, that some apparent problems with WiFi aren’t problems with the WiFi at all, but rather issues with devices, software programs, or individual internet sites. For example, if you can connect to internet site A on your laptop just fine, but cannot load internet site B, the latter website could be having problems on its end that prevent visitors from reaching the page. Likewise, if software program A that uses an internet connection functions properly, but software program B does not, you most likely have a software problem and not an internet problem.

To determine if it truly is your internet that is the problem, try accessing it from multiple devices, programs, and sites. If you can isolate the intermittent internet to one platform, it’s most likely the platform that is the issue.

What happens if your connectivity is alternatively ailing and well on multiple devices? If this is the case, it’s generally a problem with the internet that warrants a call to your preferred provider of home networking services. A few common causes of poor internet connectivity are:

●        A malfunctioning router | Essentially, a router is the equipment that allows multiple devices in your home to access the internet. If none of your internet-accessing devices can connect to the net, the router is a good place to begin to look for problems. There is such a thing as a router just getting old, but many other factors can hinder its ability to function, such as overheating and finicky cables. Even the positioning of your router relative to other metal devices can influence its signal strength. If rebooting your router doesn’t fix your connectivity problem, it’s time to contact a home networking company for quick and easy solutions.

●        Too weak of a signal | It could be the case that your WiFi signal is simply too weak to cover your entire house consistently. While a wireless repeater might be able to fix this problem, proper positioning and setup of the device are essential, lest your money and time go to waste. Home networking installers like Revience can help you through the process. With our help, you might not even need a wireless repeater at all.

●        Channel interference | Every given home WiFi system operates on a certain radio frequency level. Too many networks on the same frequency in a given area can cause interference. This issue is complicated and nuanced and is a good one to contact a WiFi installation company about. It can be an easy fix, but if one goes about it the wrong way, he or she can make things 10 times worse.

Struggling with Spotty Internet? Revience can Help

The above problems aren’t the only things that can go wrong with your internet connection! If you still are at a loss as to what’s causing your WiFi’s woes, it’s time to contact a WiFi setup company now. Give our Edina office a call at 952-941-5289. We’d be happy to get your home network back on its feet again by ensuring proper setup.