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Many consumer electronics companies provide services involving A/V equipment and installation, but do not venture far beyond that. At Revience, Inc. we figure that all A/V equipment relies on electricity for its operation, so why not offer electrical services to provide a real one-stop shopping experience?

Our Electrical Division includes a comprehensive range of electrical services for all of your homes’ needs. We consistently provide superior customer service and accurate, quality work. Our professional teams can not only design and install your A/V equipment, but they can install, configure or upgrade your homes electrical infrastructure to boot.

Whether you have a new home being built or a remodel in progress, we can accommodate all of your electric wiring and whole-house lighting control systems. This includes outlets, outdoor and flood lighting and chandelier or fixture installation. With service panel upgrades, standby backup generators and GFI & ARC Fault breaker upgrades, the need to hire a separate contractor for these endeavors becomes unnecessary.

But we don’t stop at electrical and lighting systems. In-Floor heating is rapidly becoming a creature comfort with no equal. Imagine a beautiful hardwood floor that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but warm to your bare feet! When it’s cold, hard floor surfaces generally remain pretty cool, despite the thermostat being turned up to an otherwise comfortable level. Stepping out of a warm bed onto a cold floor can be more of a wake-up call than the alarm clock provides. But when your floor is just as warm and soothing, you may just decide to sleep on the floor instead.

Gutter heat cables and PV Solar Systems are part of our portfolio as well. We also do smoke detector updates and upgrades, and can easily troubleshoot circuit problems, switches and devices in your home. Our capacity to assist in the consultation, design and planning stages of every project makes us a valuable resource in all residential, commercial and industrial settings.

At Revience, we feel that having a single company provide both entertainment and infrastructure solutions makes a lot of sense. There are also certain nuances inherent in electrical systems as they relate to A/V and other electronics that might otherwise be overlooked, such as line conditioning, RF filtration, and EMI elimination. Adding to the convenience of project management and being assured of the same high quality workmanship throughout is something our clients agree with as well!