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Also known as closed-circuit television (CCTV), video surveillance is the use of video cameras to transmit a signal to a display for viewing, or additionally, to various recording devices for archiving. This link may be wired point to point, point to multipoint, or employ some type of wireless network or internet connection.

Typical video surveillance systems, which are broadly utilized in commercial and residential applications, consist of a number of wired cameras connected to DVRs (Digital Video Recorders) or NVRs (Network Video Recorders). They range from standard resolution models to high definition units, and can be deployed indoors or outdoors, depending on the specific model. Camera design also varies based on the application for which it is intended, ranging from overt in the form of externally mounted bullet cameras to more concealed options including dome cameras and various recessed cameras. Many machines provide the option for PTZ (Pan, Tilt, and Zoom) control, in which the user is able to actually turn the camera within a specific axis of operation and zoom in on the desired area, using remote software control or physical PTZ controller hardware. Today’s surveillance systems are almost always capable of a certain level of night vision, providing an added measure of functionality and security to the user. DVRs and NVRs are generally equipped with web-servers, allowing remote Internet access to the cameras and the recorded material remotely.

IP cameras, also known as internet or network cameras, come equipped with high resolution megapixel imagers, support remote access from smart phones and computers, and record directly to network-attached storage devices or internal flash memory for completely independent operation. Many wireless security cameras require at least one cable for power; wherein “wireless” refers to the transmission of signal itself. However, some may even be battery-powered, making the cameras truly wireless.

At Revience, we offer a wide variety of wired and networked video surveillance solutions. Secure your home or your business with the knowledge that you can “see” whatever is going on, whenever you need to, from anywhere in the world. Whether checking in on your pets or being alerted to potentially criminal activity, video supervision is rapidly becoming an essential part of any truly effective home security system. Stop in and discuss your particular needs, and let us design and install video surveillance that best fits your home or business!