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Television is an electronic telecommunication medium used for transmitting moving images and sound. This amazing technology became commercially available in a rather elemental form in the late 1920s. After World War II, television became prevalent in developed countries around the world, followed on in the 1960s by color broadcasting. From that point forward, the technology developed rapidly and evolved into what we see today.

When the first ‘flat panel’ televisions hit the market in the mid 90’s, crowds would gather at the retailers that offered them to get a glimpse of this technological wonder straight out of a science fiction novel that would eventually become a commodity like any other. Now there are LCD TVs, LED TVs, OLED TVs, and plasma TVs to choose from.  Many hundreds of industry acronyms and technical terms exist including contrast ratio, aspect ratio, refresh rate, resolution, HDMI, smart TV’s, 4K TVs – and the list goes on… At Revience, we understand this sea of techno-babble and our experts can guide you in the ways of the moving picture.  Gone are the days of simply extending the ‘rabbit ears’ and settling in to watch your favorite show on the 27” curved picture tube, which was incidentally, considered a large screen at some point in CRT history.

Back in the day, television installation was a rather simple affair. Console televisions were nested within heavy, wooden ‘living-room-ready’ furniture units, so all you did was put it where it needed to go, and either extend the built-in antenna or connect an external one. As markets moved toward free-standing television models, installation now involved the need for a stand or table top of some type, and perhaps the connection of a VCR or other audio/video device.

Today, flat panel displays of every conceivable type and size, articulated or motorized wall mounts and high definition video distribution throughout your home have become commonplace. Computers, optical disc mediums, streaming video services, gaming systems, satellite or terrestrial broadcast receivers, and home theater equipment have laid claim to the domain of visual entertainment. Selection, connection and configuration of these technologies can be a daunting experience for the typical consumer, so we invite you to visit us, browse our vast array of televisions are related home electronics, and consult with our team to bring your video dreams to life. With that in mind, shop for your new television with confidence at Revience!