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With colder weather on the horizon, it’s only natural that many Minnesotan families are thinking about how to keep their homes warm. Even if your house is normally pretty darn toasty, reducing your energy expenditures is always a plus, especially if it’s by doing something as simple as caulking a window.

What’s also simple and a plus: investing in home automation technology to help manage your household’s temperatures! Revolutionary new-age devices make maintaining a consistent home ambiance easy, and when it’s with a choose-your-own-installation-approach method like that offered by Revience, you’ll also reap benefits in the form of increased home convenience and a higher standard of living.

Interested in saving on your heating bills this year? Below, we’ll dive into a few pieces of home automation technology that can do just that, as well as our take on who can get the most out of them.

Smart Thermostats

Modern-day digital thermostats are often programmable, able to match a home’s temperature with our presence or lack thereof. However, as any working adult can attest to, life can be chaotic, and we’re not always around to change the thermostat when our Minnesotan weather takes a turn for the frigid. This means that the space you come home to, the space that’s supposed to be your comfort, doesn’t exactly cater to your needs come winter.

On the flip side, there’s no point in heating your home when a sudden thaw outside does it for you. Not only will you be essentially charged for your discomfort, but the excess heat will make things less toasty and more roasty.

This is where smart thermostats come into play. They allow you to manage your home’s temperatures remotely—from your car, your office, the park, you name it. Anywhere you can access your smartphone and an internet connection is fair game. All it takes to adjust your home’s temperature to a change in schedule or routine is a few quick taps of your finger. Never come home to bone-chilling cold again!

Who Can Make the Most of it

This is one of those smart home systems that’s a great fit for practically any household that uses heat. It’s a universal dislike to walk into a home that’s a different temperature than expected; thus, smart home thermostats are a universal solution. If you’re tired of a lack of control over your home’s temperatures, this could very well be the smart home upgrade for you.

However, smart thermostats are especially great fits for busy homes. When family members are constantly coming and going

Backup Generators

While not exactly a home automation product, per se, these devices are essential to keeping your house warm—home automation system included or not. In the sense that they’re a smart thing to own, we think that backup generators fit into the definition of “smart home” in their own way.

As for their function, they do exactly as their name suggests: provide a source of backup power should anything go awry with your typical system. When it comes to Minnesota severe weather, this can be any number of things. Ice storms with a side of blizzards, anyone?

Backup generators keep your electric furnace running when nothing else can, making sure your family stays toasty and safe in even the harshest conditions. It also has the benefit of keeping your thermostat going, too—which can be more than necessary should you need to adjust it for extreme temperatures that otherwise would have stopped its use.

As an added bonus, these devices also keep your home automation tech ready and raring to go, which is more of a comfort than you might think when the weather gets nasty.

Who Can Make the Most of it

Any Minnesotan, really! All of us could potentially endure severe weather this winter season—and all of us need a reliable home generator installation to keep us warm through it, whether we own smart home technology or not. However, homes that rely extensively on smart home tech and homes in severe-weather-heavy regions of the state can benefit extensively from their presence, for obvious reasons.

Thinking about getting a backup generator for your home? The U.S. Office of Cybersecurity, Energy Security, and Emergency Response has a few helpful tips to get you started. We’ve also written extensively on the subject on our home automation blog; check out the entry, “Everything you Ever Wanted to Know About Backup Generators.”

Voice Control

When you stumble out of bed on an unusually cold winter’s morning, the first thing on your mind is probably coffee—not getting to the thermostat to fix the issue in the first place. With voice control, though, you can simply speak the command and off to the kitchen you go. You’ll get to enjoy a nice hot cup as your home warms around you; what’s more comfy and convenient than that?

Who Can Make the Most of it

Everyone can enjoy the convenience of voice-controlled home automation technology; it’s useful year-round, for far more than just keeping an eye on your thermostat. Those with large homes or those with mobility issues, in particular, though, can use this technology to thrive.

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