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Smart homes sure are practical. From home security systems protecting your valuables to automated blinds saving you cash, there are plenty of ways to make your space more livable with them. But they also have a whole other, just as important use:


Entertainment is just as important as functionality these days, what with the current turbulent times and our 24/7, always-on culture. So kick back or jam out with Revience’ recommendations for your 2021 smart home. No matter your speed, you’ll have a blast.

Turn Your Home Into a Dance Hall With Multi-Room Audio Technology

You don’t have to be in the music industry to appreciate the value of some good tunes! A whole-house audio system boosts your music experience to unprecedented levels, transforming any room you please into a practical prism of sound.

But Revience doesn’t only provide conventional multi-room audio systems; We offer models that are smartphone compatible! Toss your app on shuffle and control the volume and connectivity from there.

Listen loudly in the kitchen while you cook dinner and the baby sleeps peacefully across the house, or run your house party from your pocket. How you use music is up to you, but no matter what you do, with the help of a whole-home audio system, it’s sure to be a blast.

Nothing’s Better Than a Tricked-Out Home Theater

Imagine binge-watching your latest obsession in a movie theater. The excitement! The drama! You don’t need to imagine it with a home theater system from Revience. We’ll make it a reality!

We offer a variety of services to help get the home theater of your dreams up and running, including:

●        Smartphone or voice-controlled home theater options for when you just can’t be bothered to get up and let the TV know you’re still watching.

●        TV mounting to make sure you always have the best seat in the house.

●        Projector installation services for those who want to go big.

●        Fine-tuning of acoustics with home theater receiver installation services for a variety of brands.

●        Home networking installation to eliminate annoying buffering times.

Sure, a home theater on its own is loads of fun, but why not make it smart and make that fun simply seamless? When you make controlling your theater easier, you don’t even need to think about it. You’re right there in the moment with your favorite TV characters or video game. What’s more enthralling than that?

Set the Mood With Automated Lighting

Alright, sure, it’s not as obviously fun as the previous installments on our list, but hear us out: Automated lighting does a whole lot more than save you money. It lets you quickly transform any room into the perfect space for, well, whatever recreational activity you can think of. Atmosphere and fun go hand-in-hand!

Embrace Control Over Your Home Environment

With the press of a button, you can change the ambiance in a room from brightly-lit to mysteriously dim, setting the perfect vibe for impromptu dance parties with your kids or to watch your favorite soap opera.

If you’ve got an indoor pool, you can brighten up the space to mimic the competition atmosphere, letting you experience the thrill at home.

In the middle of a hilarious conversation while hosting your latest dinner party? Automated lighting lets you lighten up the room to match the carefree vibe without removing yourself from it.

Those are just the beginnings of the possibilities! Think creatively about lighting with the help of Revience and discover how this home automation feature can upgrade your home’s recreational potential

Make All the Fun Possible With a Solid Network

We touched on this earlier in a bullet point, but it’s so critical to having fun with any sort of smart system that it’s worth its own mention: Without a solid home networking service, all of your smart home devices are rendered useless!

Even if they work some of the time, you still might experience irritating lag. And probably at the worst moment too, like when you’re about to win a video game match or right before that exciting TV plot twist!

So as you’re decking out your home this season, make sure Revience checks out your network to ensure it’s firing on full cylinders. Working from home can make it more difficult to get the most out of your network as it is, and if you’re investing in fun, you want that fun to happen right out of the gate – as soon as it’s installed.

Pump Up the Fun With Revience

We’re an Edina provider of house-wide fun via home automation, and with our personalized approach to our craft, we’d be glad to help trick out your space. From smart-home-integratable theaters to automated lights and more, we’ve also got everything you need to futurize your recreational experience. Give us a call today at 952-941-5289.