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In the conventional sense, an alarm is pretty simple; something goes wrong and it beeps. However, modern home security systems are anything but simple!

Because different families require different features to stay safe and comfortable, such systems have morphed and changed to become glove-like fits for specific needs. A family with toddlers, for example, needs technology which can stop their alarm from being mistakenly disabled, while one that is away from home might benefit from home security cameras worked into an alarm system.

Indeed, the world of contemporary home security systems is complex, but Revience, an Eden Prairie home security system company, is here to simplify. Below, you’ll find a brief guide to just a few toggleable alarm features that can synergize your system with your family’s lifestyle.

Video Surveillance Technology

Though they are in some ways separate from alarm systems, home security cameras make a wonderful addition to them.

Sometimes, it’s not enough for your alarm system to tell you when there’s a break in—knowing if there’s any suspicious activity beforehand, especially outside, can grant you major peace of mind. In addition, you’ll feel relaxed knowing that there’s an additional visual element added to your alarm system. They are also useful because footage can be reviewed at a later date, which helps to aid in criminal identification.

Who Might Make Use of This Feature?

Pretty much anyone! Seeing what’s going on in your home at all hours can take a load of stress off of anyone’s mind, as can having the comprehensive alarm capabilities that comes with it. That being said, certain demographics might get more use out of it than others.

Those who spend a lot of time indoors might find such systems useful, as this piece of home security tech enables them to keep tabs on their yard without physically being outside.

Cabin owners might also appreciate such a function, as leaving such a prized asset unmonitored for weeks at a time might be stressful, especially given that cabins are usually quite a ways away!

Professional Monitoring

Of course, if you’re like many busy people, you probably don’t have time to sit back and monitor your house twenty-four-seven. You’ve got deadlines to meet, places to be, and kids to drive to practice. But what’s the use of a home security system with cameras or without if you don’t have the time to use it to monitor for potential intruders and react accordingly?

That’s where professional monitoring for your alarm system comes into play. With trained and trustworthy technicians keeping an eye on your home, you’ll get a stress-free home security experience.

When an alarm is triggered, the call center is notified, and you are then phoned to make sure everything is okay—accidental activations do happen, after all. If danger is amiss, the professional contacts the appropriate law enforcement or public servants, leaving you with plenty of time to get your family to safety.

Who Might Make Use of This Feature?

Again, anyone, really! Having backup in a time of crisis—and having that backup be a real human being that’s trained to be calm—is something that can put anyone at ease. Though such monitoring services do often cost a small monthly fee, it’s a tiny price to pay for help when you need it most.

Specifically, though, those who are not always attached to their phones might benefit quite a bit from this service. A home security system company can set up self-monitored tech, which will notify your smartphone if it detects an issue. While such a system might be a great fit for those who read through every notification or get few of them in the first place, those who are more lenient about staying up to date can make great use of a professionally monitored system, which bypasses notifications and goes directly to a phone call.

Remote Access Capacity

Smartphones are indeed versatile devices. From enabling intelligent home control systems to fostering faraway connections, their prowess is practically unlimited. One more thing they can do: allow you to access your home security system from anywhere! Simply pick up your smartphone and access the relevant app to know exactly what’s going on in your household.

Who Can Make Use of This Feature?

Need we say it: anyone! This is by far one of the most universally appreciated pieces of home security technology. It enables even those who don’t consider themselves technologically inclined to worth with an airtight home security system, and its undeniable convenience helps even the busiest to keep an eye on what matters most.

Have a Home Security System Installed Today With Revience

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