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Thank goodness we’ve reached 2021! If you’re like many American families, the urge to make New Year’s resolutions this time around, when the year before was so chaotic, is stronger than ever. Fitness, family, career – resolutions in those areas of your life are pretty common. But what about your home?

Your home is your palace, after all. It’s the place where you deservedly rest your head after a long day’s work. It’s the place that you show off to the in-laws when they come to visit in hopes of winning their elusive approval. It’s the place that makes your family’s first impression when new friends come to visit. Indeed, improving your home can and should be done, as it can influence your social standing as well as your own wellbeing.

In our humble opinion, the best way to enhance your home is with automation. From home security camera systems to automated blinds, these convenient items can increase your happiness far more than any new piece of furniture or expensive painting ever could. Here’s why.

Home Automation Simplifies Your Life

2020 was a hectic year. You deserve a bit of respite from it, to rest and recover while you embrace a brighter 2021. It’s just this relaxing, simple environment that home automation systems easily create.

Operate your blinds with the click of a button or make it easy to enjoy your favorite tunes with a multi-room audio system. Seamless and stress-free – that will be your home life with the help of smart home systems. What a better way to make a new start from such a tiring 2020?

Home Automation Protects Your Family & Belongings

Without your home thoroughly protected with home security systems, how are you to get the rest we alluded to previously?

Home security cameras keep a watchful eye on every floor, making sure your family and belongings are safe from harm – even their presence can deter crime. Plus, should a crime occur, prompt notification gives you crucial time to get your family to safety and contact the authorities.

Home Automation Boosts Your Curb Appeal & Impresses Visitors

Looking to make new connections and get more involved in your community this year? In some ways, home automation can help. These devices, aside from being convenient, are a near universal symbol of luxury and high class. If you want to start things off on the right foot with a new acquaintance, let your tricked-out home do the talking. Spending time with the hard-to-impress in-laws will go from a drag to a cinch!

As you can see, home automation and home security systems can help your life go better right out of the gates. They give you clout with nearly anyone, and they help to make day-to-day living safer and more convenient – and your home more relaxing.

You’re putting yourself at a distinct disadvantage if you don’t opt to upgrade your home. To change your life for the better, you must give yourself the resources you need to do so. If you’re worried about money, don’t be. Home automation and home security can be quite affordable.

In fact, some home automation enhancements even can pay for themselves in the long run! But that’s only possible if you go with the right home automation company, one who understands what you hope to get out of upgrading your home and who will design a system within your current means.

In other words, you need Revience!

Why Hire Revience for my Home Automation Installation?

We understand that every customer is unique. Just as we have many approaches to home automation installation, we thus have many approaches to designing and working with each individual customer.

Our service is always, however, friendly, fast, and, above all, personalized. With attention paid to every client, we can choose the best approach to get to the bottom of that client’s problems and proceed to design the top-quality systems they deserve to solve them. When you work with Enhanced Home Solutions, you can be sure that you’ll be taken care of and heard, and that your home automation design is the perfect fit for your needs.

We’re also versatile. We don’t just do home automaton or home security. We wear tons of hats, from television installers to cord-cutting professionals. Our many skill sets enable us to think outside the box and create innovative designs that maximize home automation’s aforementioned benefits.

Our versatility is also a sign of quality; we’re passionate enough about electrical work to have studied many subjects within it. Passion, as you know, is essential to great work of any sort, and we’d be more than happy to use ours to make your 2021 New Year’s resolutions come true.

Let’s Get Started on Your Home Automation Upgrades!

Our Edina team is waiting to hear from you. Let’s chat about what we can do to make your home life easier. Give us a call today at 952-941-5289.