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Video games are not just for kids any more. We remember the early days of gaming with systems that seemed amazing in their day, with players and objects comprised of lines, dots or blocks, dichromatic color graphics (later developing into three or more colors), and the entire game play occurring on one ‘fixed’ screen. Audio consisted of “beep” and several variations thereof, but we will skip the extensive evolutionary process of video gaming right into 2016.

Enter today’s gaming experience, and the boundaries of reality are inching ever closer to dissolving entirely. Video games have become completely immersive, visually spectacular and sonically breathtaking. Many are like watching a high definition movie, except you get to control the action – and the experience doesn’t end in an hour and a half. Supporting this level of ‘awesome’ requires equipment that is equally capable. Fortunately, modern audio and video gear is suitable for direct integration with any video gaming systems available.

HD televisions or projectors, Wi-Fi routers, headsets with microphones, home theater receivers, speakers and really comfortable furniture are all elements of the ultimate game room. If you haven’t battled TIE Fighters in your X-Wing on a 120” front projection screen with a supercharged home theater that puts you right into the cockpit, well – then you haven’t experienced a real space battle (and yes, there are real space battles in a galaxy far, far away..).

At Revience, the entertainment systems we provide are “game-ready” – you just need to supply the games. Whether you own the latest gaming console or a fast and furious gaming PC, you can add another layer to the enjoyment of your equipment. We are not responsible for loss of sleep, decrease in productivity, or atrophy of the thumbs resulting from protracted gaming! On a serious note, if you or anyone in your household is an avid gamer, stop in and see us today!