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Since the company’s genesis in 1982, Paradigm loudspeakers have served as an example of what truly refined sound reproduction should be. The company’s 250,000 square foot headquarters just outside Toronto, Canada, serves as the design, engineering and manufacturing facility for these world-class loudspeakers. Bringing ultimate quality and innovation to numerous markets and consumer categories, Paradigm products have changed how people listen to multi-channel digital cinema and dedicated two channel audio.


For over 30 years, it has been Paradigm’s singular goal to achieve perfect sound from every speaker they produce. Their new Prestige Series is a culmination of this state-of-the-art engineering with nothing less than extraordinary results. With the Prestige 95F floor standing front speakers, dramatic auditory performance is driven by two woofers operating at low frequencies, an 8” mid-bass driver covering both voice and instruments and a 25mm ferro-fluid dampened tweeter assembly. A Prestige 55C 3-way center channel, perhaps the most important speaker in your cinema system, provides stunning reproduction of sound across the entire frequency range. Rounding off your system with Prestige 25S surround channel speakers will engulf the listener with exhilarating, theater-grade sound effects that bring you right into the middle of the action.


The objective of any quality audio system is to rise above environmental deficiencies, negate undesirable colorations imparted by speaker cabinetry and deliver pure, lifelike audio. Paradigm offers precision and efficiency regardless of content, in any space. When combined with source equipment and amplification of equal distinction, the results are acoustically astonishing.


At Revience, we are pleased to offer Paradigm loudspeakers to our clients, and feel it is imperative that you audition them if you are considering investing in home theater or stereo listening of any type. Our product offering, expert design and installation services will let you hear what you have been missing!