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The convenience of online shopping is definitely an attractive option. You find what you need from a trusted retailer like Amazon or others, add it to your cart, enter your payment information, and several days later the product sits on your doorstep. No matter the weather – no need for a drive – all of this can take place from the comfort of your home. So, is there a down-side to this seemingly perfect process? Yes, there are actually a few:

Damaged merchandise:  As sophisticated and precise as the shipping system is in the U.S., bad things can still happen. A delicate package that endures one too many bumps might end up in less than perfect shape. Some damage, as with electronics, may not be apparent externally. Only after you spend hours connecting your new Home Theater receiver might you discover that it does not turn on.

Returns:  At times, product must be returned due to defects that are not discovered until you receive it, damage from shipping, or errors such as receiving the wrong size or model of a product. Having to return or exchange product can be costly and time consuming, in addition to being inconvenient if your purchase was time sensitive, like a gift or something you need to complete a project on time.

Help after the sale:  Let’s pick on the Home Theater receiver once again – you bought a rather high-end unit from Amazon, and need help setting up and configuring the countless options this unit offers. Who is going to help you? Amazon is an e-commerce giant – it sells just about everything you can imagine, but there is no “Home Theater Expert” on standby to help you with your questions. Unfortunately, you’re on your own!

Installation:  On-line retailers generally offer products, but not services such as installation for obvious logistical reasons. When it comes to mounting those speakers you bought, or running wire through the attic for your multi-room amplifier, you’re on your own as well.

Revience provides a complete solution. Damaged or defective products are a non-issue. In the event that something is wrong, we will take care of it before you finish your morning coffee. Our experts ARE standing by – they will help you before, during and after the sale! And you won’t have to crawl through your attic with spools of wire in tow – that’s what our installers do. These are the differences that make buying from us a wiser choice, even at the expense of saving a few dollars online.