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Revience, your local Edina home security system company, is here to help you find your perfect home security match. With our personalized approaches and service-minded ways of having home security systems installed, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better team of electricians to upgrade your security this year.

As a courtesy to our customers, we describe some of our 2021 top picks for home security systems features below – so start brainstorming!

24/7 Monitoring

Modern threats require modern solutions – like the continuous, 24/7 monitoring our home security cameras offer. During these tumultuous times, you need to know what’s going on at your home at all hours, no questions asked, and it’s this sort of capability we’re proud to provide.

Front Door Live-Streaming, Notifications & Two-Way Talk

With our modern doorbell cams, you can enjoy live coverage of your front lawn at any time you choose, as well as by-the-moment notifications when activity is detected. You can even have an entire conversation with visitors through the home security device, without even opening the door! Don’t waste your precious free time worrying about who has come to visit – let door cameras from Enhanced Home Solutions grant you peace of mind.

Motion & Glass-Break Detectors

If your family is full of heavy sleepers, you’re away from home a lot, or you just care about the welfare of your home, motion detectors and glass-break notifications are the perfect 2021 home security feature for you. They provide a notification, whether by conventional sound or otherwise, that something is stirring near your home, and they can be customized to fit your situation if, say, you have pets that roam the area and don’t want false alarms.

Remote Access to Home Security Devices

These days, we’re on-the-go more than ever, and our lives are centered more and more around our Smartphones. Home security technology has risen to the occasion. Now you can check in on your home wherever you are with remote monitoring capabilities from Enhanced Home Solutions! And not only that – you can even operate said systems from afar, too. Disarm your security system momentarily if your teenager is coming home early from school, or arm it when you step into the office and realize you’ve forgotten. Lock your doors from the coffee shop or check in on your home after you hit the gym. The possibilities are endless, as is the convenience.

Awesome Features on a Variety of Platforms

And that’s what makes home security a phenomenal option for any homeowner at all. From small budgets to big, large properties to small, there’s a unique set of modernized features that can grant your home impenetrable protection. Check out some of the personalizable tech from Enhanced Home Solutions below.

Home Security Cameras: Providing Safety & Convenience

After the crazy time that was 2020, all of us could use a little stress relief and peace of mind, and no product provides this better than home security cameras. When you hear the term “security” camera, though, you might think of something the opposite of relaxing: the security cameras in stores! Even if you wouldn’t dream of doing anything illegal, there’s still something universally unnerving about seeing your face reflected back at you up there. How, then, can home security cameras be relaxing when their commercial counterparts are anything but?

One primary reason: Home security cameras, while serving similar purposes as those used in retail stores and the like, put you in control of your home. After a year that felt so out of anyone’s hands, these systems can help restore a sense of personal ownership – not to mention streamline and improve the quality of your day-to-day life.

Know who’s at your door without answering.

It’s always nice to know when company shows up – or when there’s someone at the door you don’t want to talk to, like a solicitor. A home security system with cameras gives you a constant view of your home’s entry points.

Effortlessly keep tabs on what’s happening at home.

It’s hard to realize how much we don’t know about what’s going on inside our homes. Is there laundry running? Did the dishwasher start? Did your kids remember to let the dog out after getting home from school? Streamline your life by using home security systems to make sure everything gets done when it needs to.

Feel the power of being a fly on the wall.

There’s something empowering about even having the potential to view your home from anywhere, anytime. And when it comes to the property you rightfully own, you deserve that empowerment. Feel like a ruler surveying your domain and take back the pride you used to feel in your home.

Alarm Systems: Passive But Powerful

These home security systems are a great fit for homeowners who want a more passive peace-of-mind solution that still keeps their home and loved ones safe. While they may not offer video feed, they still can come with remote monitoring, motion detector systems, and more. However, because these devices also offer carbon monoxide and smoke alerts, they can also be an amazing addition to nearly any household, even if it already has home security cameras. Why not start 2021 off safely and cover all your bases with both?

Contact Revience and Embrace Peace of Mind With Comprehensive Security Systems

We care about the wellbeing of our community and want to see your family healthy. Help those you love step forward into an uncertain future with one thing for certain: safety. For a personalized home security system that helps to protect exactly that, give our Edina office a call today at 952-941-5289.