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Contractors” can be generally defined as people or organizations that contract with another organization or individual to perform a specified task, or provide goods or services. This configuration is used in almost every industry, from construction to government to defense procurement. Depending on the type of services being provided, contractors may require licensing, specialized training or education, and are accountable to the entity in whose employ they happen to be. Their level of performance and the standards that are considered acceptable are typically governed by their employer.

At Revience, we choose to use our own teams in all of the work that we do. Not intending to discredit the ‘contracting’ business culture, we simply feel that the type of knowledge and experience we require to maintain a consistent level of customer satisfaction is best accomplished by our own staff. It would not be unlikely to hear about this hypothetical problem encountered during new home construction – the subcontractor responsible for roughing-out certain infrastructure cuts corners, misses deadlines or just does a poor job. Despite the delays, the company who is in charge of your construction project relieves this particular individual and brings in another, who gets the job done perfectly with time to spare. Such is the nature of keeping many components of an intricate network operating in harmony. Since we have no subcontractor to remove and replace, we must ensure that the job gets done right the first time – and EVERY time. It reflects upon us, and we cannot use the excuse that “John Doe #1 simply didn’t come through as expected, but we’ve got John Doe #2 on the way to save the day…”

Investing is home entertainment should be fun, not a headache! Not only do we sell, deliver and install all manner of ‘fun’ into your life, we do it well, with the utmost attention to detail, and volumes of satisfied clients to back up that claim!