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SunBriteTV is based in Thousand Oaks, California, and is a US manufacturer that produces the only televisions in the world that are specifically engineered from the ground up for use in the outdoors. These all-weather outdoor LCD TVs deliver amazing brightness and contrast, and are impervious to the effects of rain, extreme temperatures and UV interference from sunlight. They deliver high performance and complete reliability in virtually any environment. In addition to all of the standard features we have come to expect from high definition television sets, specialized gaskets help protect the circuit boards and wiring, and the TV is powder-coated with rust-proof aluminum.

One beautiful summer day, the company’s founders and avid sports fans, Larry Kaiser and Tom Weaver, faced a predicament. It was too nice to stay inside all day, but the Big Game was on! So they designed and built a TV that could be used outdoors – and remain outdoors, through anything nature could throw at it. And if you feel like watching TV in the rain or during the winter, it would work equally well. In November of 2004, SunBriteTV released the worlds’ first true outdoor television, and the rest is history. They have withstood the test of time, with years of use in the most severe climates in North America, and are the outdoor TV of choice for many professional sports venues including Yankee Stadium, Gillette Stadium, Wrigley Field, Soldier Field and many others.

At Revience, we understand that video entertainment is not limited exclusively to the inside of your home. Relaxation and recreation often involves outdoor spaces, including patios, decks and boats. Ordinarily, such endeavors were generally limited to audio, as there is a vast array of outdoor speakers on the market. Now, you can have it all in a complete outdoor A/V system. Whether being installed on a partially protected porch or the upper deck of your boat, these displays will weather the sunshine and the storm both.

We bring our clients state of the art outdoor entertainment technology and ease of use in a solution with literally no limitations. With an industry-leading outdoor television from SunBriteTV, our professional staff can show you how to take the fun outside – without actually having to “take” your gear anywhere. Permanent installation for permanent enjoyment 365 days a year – after all, Minnesota Wild games are best served cold – it makes you feel like you are actually there!