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Custom Choices

For more than 65 years, Stewart Filmscreen has been the consistent choice of discerning clientele around the world. Manufacturing completely seamless, professional projector screens in their own facilities, product quality is carefully controlled from raw materials through finished product. Unlike other companies that offer only standard “off-the-shelf” styles or sizes, Stewart Filmscreen is able to custom design and fabricate anything that their manufacturing framework can support.

Image Quality

All Stewart screens are produced from their own screen fabrics, allowing them to create seamless, scalable screens up to 40 by 90 feet in size! From the largest, most difficult designs to the smallest and simplest solutions, Stewart Filmscreen is the most recognized and awarded projection screen manufacturer in the industry. Just as loudspeakers are among the most critical components of any quality audio system, the projection screen is the final element between your electronics and your eyes. Image fidelity can either be heightened or diminished relative to the quality of the screen, in concert with projector specifications and by environmental variables such as light and room size. Because there are so many specialized viewing requirements and uses, Stewart front and rear projection screen materials are individually engineered for specific applications and a multitude of different venues. Optically speaking, these designs and technologies converge to bring you maximum image detail and accuracy regardless of size or location.

Filmscreen Solutions

Consumers rely on Stewart Filmscreen for the perfect combination of superior quality, flexible design, and dedicated support. At Revience, we could not think of a better fit to our high quality electronics selection and professional installation services. Aesthetically conscious and visually impressive, these projection screens play a critical role in video entertainment, whether at home, in a television broadcasting studio or a large public venue. Contact us to arrange for a motion picture experience without equal!