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This can be as simple as installing basic light management or as sophisticated as integrating lighting, music, video, climate control, security and computer networking into one centralized command and control system.  Smart phones and tablets can contribute varying degrees of capability and control to your entire home as well. The intent is to simplify your life and provide a personalized experience by automating everyday tasks, adding comfort and convenience to your life, and providing peace of mind with remote access to your home when you’re away. The popularity of home automation has soared in recent years due to enhanced affordability, increased capability and simplicity of operation.

Lighting control systems can be programmed to a time cycle, arranged to automatically turn on or off based on occupancy, or activated via user-determined “scenes” as desired. Audio and video distribution systems facilitate the consumption of your desired media when and how you choose. Environmental controls provide added comfort and monetary savings through smart energy management. Natural lighting can be used to automatically control window shades and blinds to make best use of natural light.  Security systems ensure your family’s safety, to which nothing of greater value can be assigned.

Whether background music begins playing while dinner is served at the touch of your smartphone, or the big game is broadcast throughout your home and patio, music and video sources can be linked with other systems to provide complex entertainment landscapes, and be tailored in as many ways as your lifestyle dictates.

Let us fast forward to a time after we have installed and configured your smart home.  A “Good Morning” scene automatically adjusts the thermostat and gradually raises your window shades as you wake up.  A “Goodbye” button on your iPhone locks the doors, arms the security system, and turns off all the lights on your way out.  While you are at work, the system alerts you when your child arrives home from school.  Upon your return from the office, you settle in for a relaxing evening with a good movie – tap your entertainment system’s touch screen controller and the screen drops silently out of the ceiling, the lights dim, and your movie begins. Popcorn may require a trip to the kitchen… These are just a few of the reasons that make home automation not just a practical system to own, but one that is equally enjoyable in your everyday life.  Revience, as our name implies, can accomplish all of this and more – allow us to enhance your home with our systems!