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The need for security…

Home security is a thriving consumer market precipitated by the need to keep your family and your property safe in an ever-changing world. Although life seemed largely uncomplicated and benign in the fictional community of Mayberry during the Andy Griffith Show, current reality stands in stark contrast to this blissful narrative. We do not typically leave our homes unlocked when going on vacation, nor do our neighbors just walk in during supper time to borrow a few eggs.

Where do I start?

Your location is among the principle factors in determining the requirements of your security equipment. Urban living presents alternating benefits and challenges to this equation. Some areas may be prone to higher crime rates, while other communities may be considered safer in general. Rural spaces tend to detract from the hazards associated with urban sprawl, but their remote nature could also complicate emergency response should it become necessary. Taking stock of all these variables is essential in selecting a security system that will truly provide the safety that you need. Preliminary planning begins with a risk assessment, an understanding of worst-case scenarios and their potential outcomes, and a commitment to ensuring the safety of your household.

Revience can help…

Do you simply want to see who is at your front door on an intercom monitor, or do you need multiple, real-time video streams fed to your smartphone whether you are at work or a thousand miles away from home? Are you looking for a simple text notification that your children have returned home from school, or would you prefer a fully monitored intrusion alarm covering every potential access point? All of these are possible with the expertise that Revience can provide. We understand security and our professional installers understand the gravity of what it is designed to accomplish. Together, your satisfaction is guaranteed and you will be one step closer to the peace of mind you deserve.