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video projector is an electronic device that receives a video signal from a source such as a DVD player, television tuner or video game console and projects the corresponding image onto a projection screen using a system of lenses. All video projectors use a very powerful light to project the image, and most modern units can correct for distortion, focus and other inconsistencies through manual settings. Video projectors are widely used in many applications such as school classrooms, conference room presentations, home and commercial cinema, and concert venues.

Many projection technologies exist today.  Older technologies, like CRT projectors, use cathode ray tubes, and typically involve a blue, green, and red tube.  LCD projectors use LCD light gates, which make them the simplest, most common and affordable systems for home theater and business use.  DLP projectors use Texas Instruments’ DLP (Digital Light Processing) technology, which consists of one, two, or three microfabricated light valves called digital micromirror devices (DMDs). Rotating color wheels synchronized with the micromirror are used to modulate color.  LCoS projectors use liquid crystal on silicon, and LED projectors use an array of Light Emitting Diodes as the light source, negating the need for lamp replacement.

Properly configuring a projector includes optimizing throw distance, brightness levels, room lighting, aspect ratios and screen materials to name a few.  It begins by gathering information.  What type of environment will the projector be operating in?  How will the placement of furniture and seating affect the potential location of the projector?  Where are the windows, if any, in relation to the system?  Is this going into an existing home or a new construction? Which sources will be used with the projector? Who will be using it?  Our design engineers at Revience know which questions to ask in order to select equipment that will deliver a home entertainment experience without equal.  Once a roadmap has been determined, the experience and professionalism of our installation team takes point to ensure that every detail is executed to perfection.

At the end of the day, you will be able to enjoy your favorite movies, television shows or video games in a manner consistent with the best Movie Theaters you can visit.  You will wonder how you were ever satisfied with that 32” television!  Watching Star Wars on a 10 foot screen just cannot be compared to anything less.  Stop by and let us show you how awesome your home theater can really be!