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Home audio equipment in some form or another is owned by a great number of people. Ranging from basic 2-channel stereo systems to multi-thousand dollar AV entertainment hubs, we like our music and movies! But great sound should not be limited only to interior spaces. The great outdoors offer a host of entertainment possibilities – gatherings of friends and family, BBQ’s, picnics, kids at play, or enjoying a good book – all of which go well with music. But what if your current system does not have an option to deliver music outside of your home? Well, in most cases, Revience can remedy that situation.                       

The basic flowchart of signal-to-speaker wiring involves the connection of your loudspeakers into the amplified output terminals of the parent amplifier. But what if your amplifier’s outputs are already connected to existing speakers?  Can’t we just connect a few more speakers to those jacks and be ready to go? The simple answer is ‘no’. Although some amplifiers can support a lower ohm rating, and wiring speakers in parallel would in turn drop their resistive value, the general concept of hooking up multiple speakers to a single output channel is not recommended – if simply for the reason that you would not be able to select which speakers should play – and you may not want everything running live all of the time.

There are several ways to properly add speaker capabilities to existing systems. By using an impedance-matching speaker selection module, ohm values are balanced and pairs of speakers may be enabled or disabled as needed. These come in many flavors, allowing distribution to 2, 4, 6, 8, 10 or more pairs of speakers, providing the amplifier is robust enough to handle the load. Some receivers have “line-out” terminals which offer an unamplified, line-level audio signal which can subsequently be connected to an outboard amplifier, in turn powering additional speakers downstream.

If you wish to expand entertainment to your deck or other outdoor area, let our experts have a look at your current equipment. We can determine the best way to add what you want, install everything and get you outside sooner than later!