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A home network is a system comprised of interconnected digital devices that are used to transmit or receive data or control functions relevant to the equipment using the network. It typically utilizes a framework consisting of modems, routers, network switches, wireless access points and network bridges. Connections are accomplished using Ethernet cables, Wi-Fi connections, coaxial and electrical wiring, or fiber optics. Systems such as home automation, lighting control, audio, and video or data distribution rely on home network systems to provide operational convenience, increased personal productivity, enhanced home security and other powerful capabilities to the end user. All are dependent on a reliable, powerful, high-quality infrastructure for best performance.

Initially, the most common application for home networking was providing stable wired or wireless internet access in your home. Emergent capabilities in consumer electronics have cultivated this basic network into an accomplished champion of the many duties it can perform. Within the genre referred to as “home networking” you will find home audio and video distribution, lighting control, data management, security, surveillance, and environmental control. This core network is designed to support the protocols used for interoperability between all of today’s media-centric devices in the home.

If you can access your video security system to “see” your property while on vacation, or cue up whole-house music for the graduation party from your iPad – thank your network. When your lights dim automatically as you sit down to watch the latest movie release, or they all turn on when an intrusion is detected in the middle of the night – thank your network. So many of today’s lifestyle comforts depend on a robust home network, it is almost easy to overlook. Yet without one, your multi-room audio might require investing in a boom-box to carry from room to room, and your home security system may involve calling your neighbor to have them ‘check’ on your house for you.

Although what we do today may have seemed like science fiction years ago, we are ready for what we think is science fiction today to become commonplace tomorrow. Revience will design and deploy your network with this in mind – to fully utilize the amazing consumer electronics available today, and have future technology simply connect to the open ports…