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Advanced home networking, automation and control systems often include multi-room video distribution as a subset of their overall capabilities, which can be configured and programmed to accomplish a variety of media management tasks, several of which are outlined below:

  • Discreet Equipment Positioning:  Centralize all of your gear in a ‘media closet’ or similar location, and control it from anywhere in your home.  

  • Location or Device Shifting of a program from one location to another at the same point in the program. For example: you can be watching a television program – press pause – and continue watching it on another device, such as a PC or TV, in another room.

  • Multi-room Whole Home DVR services: Record material and watch it in any room on any device, and set recordings preferences for your DVR from your smart phone or tablet – even remotely when you are away from home!

  • Alerts for notification of program availability: Alerts can appear on other devices, and may also include options to record, tune or add programs to your watch list.

  • PC to TV viewing: Access PC content on your TV.  With ever increasing multimedia content available on computers, being able to distribute and view it on your large format displays brings entertainment to a whole new level.

  • TV to PC viewing: Access TV content on your PC.  Redefine multi-tasking – why only use your computer for work?  Catch up on the game or movie you missed at the same time as you tend to your flock of facebook friends…

Sending high definition material over long distances can be a tricky equation, but our expert staff and cutting-edge equipment can tackle any such concern.  Utilizing state of the art video controllers, switching matrices, HDMI-over-CAT5/6 baluns, and the highest quality wiring, Revience will design the solution based on your input – what do you want it to do, where do you need it, and how will you use it?  Finally, our systems are installed with the same care and attention to detail as though they were going into one of our own homes!  It is with this level of expertise and customer service that we have earned our first-rate reputation.