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Multi-room audio has become a near-standard option with new construction homes today, and can also be retro-fit into existing structures with some additional elbow grease.  The capacity to listen to any music you want in any room or area of your home is not necessarily a new concept, but today’s control equipment has definitely brought the functionality of the future into our lives today.  Access your personal music library, favorite streaming music services, and thousands of internet radio stations from around the world.  Distribute and control your music throughout your home in any way you see fit.  You also have the option to integrate exterior living spaces into your whole house audio distribution using weather resistant speakers designed to operate in outdoor environments.

Multi-Room audio distribution and management can be accomplished in a number of ways.  In-wall, light switch style volume controls located in various rooms or ‘zones’ of the house can provide users with basic volume control over music playing through speakers in that location. However, additional functions would need to be operated by alternate means.  Other control options include more elaborate LCD or touch screen controllers, both of which offer greater flexibility than the standard ‘volume knob’. This includes allowing users to change the source, manage volume and other audio settings, or select specific music they wish to play. Finally, many current multi-room audio systems can be controlled entirely from your tablet or smartphone, thus eliminating the need for any physical hardware on your walls.  

It all begins with determining the specific needs and expectations of the users, the environmental and architectural variables of the residence, and desired performance and functionality considerations.  How many people will be using the system?  Do they have similar or dissimilar tastes in music?  Are they all equally capable of operating a system like this from a smartphone or tablet?  Will some users prefer a more ‘conventional’ way to operate the system?  Is your objective to have quality background music throughout your home, or will you party like a rock star? Our design team knows which questions to ask and we listen to what you have to say.  

After you select the solution that best fits your needs and your budget, the process of installation and configuration begins.  At Revience, we pride ourselves in the work we do – years of combined experience, attention to detail and the highest standards of service all speak for themselves.  Multi-room audio is a complex organization of ingredients, all of which must interact with each other properly to ensure optimal results.  Stop in to find out what we can do for your music today!