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Making an Awesome Home Theater From Start to Finish

By August 16, 2021June 4th, 2022No Comments

When the summer gets scorching and a movie theater sounds sticky, there’s nothing better than kicking back in a movie space of your own. Your favorite flicks, no crowds, snacks and A/C just the way you like them with your loved ones all around—what could be better?

Of course, such a space doesn’t just happen magically, though when you walk into a finished one it can certainly seem that way. They take a lot of forethought, intelligent design, and, of course, some flashy AV tech to make them shine. Revience, your versatile home automation and home theater pros, is here to take you through the steps, from conceptualizing to plugging in the last cord.

Let’s go!

Square Away Your Budget

Before picking a theme, before sizing up any fancy multi-room audio system, you need to start with the basics: your budget. Set a fixed amount that you’re willing to spend altogether on the space, which should account for

●        The technology itself

●        Professional design and installation services

●        Furniture and extras

At this step, you don’t need to hash out how much each individual category should run you; simply decide which one you want to prioritize and spend the most on. Your AV and TV installation pro will help you drill down on the specifics, helping you to allocate whatever funds you may have in the way that best fits your vision.

Pick a Room

If you’re lucky enough to be building your own home, you can design a space from the ground-up to work alongside your audio and visual tech, maximising their quality. However, if you’re like many homeowners, you’re left with one—or very few—choices.

The best room for your home theater depends on a lot of things, convenience and accessibility being a couple. However, shape plays a role, too, so make sure to pick your space wisely.

Try to opt for rectangular rooms over square, as the latter tends to mess with the quality of your acoustics. You also want to have as few windows as possible. Sunlight doesn’t allow for the best TV picture, for one, and glass can impact the clarity of your speakers. Finally, make sure the room has drywall, as it’s the most appropriate out of all home wall types.

As for flooring, the cushier, the better. Regardless of theme, you’ll want your movie theater to feel like a cozy retreat. Plus, a squeaky floorboard during that high-tension scene can be a real mood killer!

Begin Work With Your A/V Company

Now’s the time to call in the professionals at Revience. Thanks to our personable and personalised approach, we can get to the bottom of what you’re looking to get out of your home theater system—even topping it off with some snazzy home automation technology if you really want to get ritzy!

Indeed, in addition to projector installation, TV wall mounting services, and home theater receiver work, we can complete your setup with all sorts of luxurious gadgets. Take, for example, a wall control panel that means you’ll never need to scramble around for the remote again. Or perhaps smart lighting controls, which allow you to adjust the vibe of the space without ever leaving the couch, are more your speed.

We’re a comprehensive provider of A/V solutions for your home theater space, and nowhere more does our expertise shine than in home theater design.

Time for the Fun Finishes

Your team of experts will come up with a blueprint that represents the ideal use of your chosen space, both acoustically and visually speaking. Depending on how involved you are in the process and if you’re already in the possession of your chosen furniture, this step might happen simultaneously with the one before it. Parts like painting the walls that don’t affect your A/V system may, in contrast, happen after—or, perhaps, far before the team shows up. It all depends on logistics!

Regardless, this is probably the most hands-on part of the process for you, but it’s also super fun to personalize your space, especially if it involves a little shopping. Adding to that, it’s not even entirely necessary to match your home theater to the rest of your home, especially if the room is closed-off and windowless.

Go nuts and add your own personal touch—bright colors, car-themed decor, or whatever that means for you.

Helpful Guidelines

Dark walls help to stop reflection from your TV, if you’re using one, so try to err on the dimmer side when picking paint. Also, make sure not to stray from the blueprints your expert has given you and which you’ve agreed to, as this can disrupt audio or visual quality. Other than that, the sky’s the limit when it comes to design!

Contact Revience and Let’s Get Started on Your Dream Space

Our Edina team has all the expertise and resources you need to create an entertainment space that you’ll want to frequent more than the local movie theater! Give our Edina office a call today at 952-941-5289.