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Lighting control is typically an automated network of equipment used to manage commercial or residential electric lights. It can be an independent system, or part of a greater network performing a multitude of varied tasks.  A home automation system will often have lighting automation as a subset of its overall functionality, and is widely used in both homes and businesses today.

Lutron is one of the most distinguished lighting control technology companies in the world.  In 1959, Lutron’s founder and owner Joel Spira invented the world’s first solid state light dimmer.  Affordable and designed to replace the light switch in a standard residential rough-in wall box, this served as the basis of Lutron’s inception and early business endeavors. Since then, Lutron has expanded its offerings to include over 15,000 products.  Providing wired and wireless systems, Lutron products are capable of lighting up your home theater room or illuminating the Statue of Liberty.

The benefits of a lighting control system are abundant. Energy expenses are reduced by implementation of more efficient lighting. Convenience is enhanced with lights that can be programmed into ‘scenes’ based on occupancy or other triggering mechanisms like door contacts or security systems.  Room lighting and whole house lighting can be controlled using a single wall switch or remotely using your smart phone or tablet. Environmental sensors can operate with window shade technology to control and integrate both daylight and electric light.  Appliances and other devices that are plugged into Lutron outlets can also be controlled in the same way. Turn on your outdoor accent lighting from your iPad or set your Sprinkler System to engage between 6am and 10am.  Lutron has expanded beyond its core products into natural lighting control, in the form of premium, low-noise motorized shades.  It has also brought to market the first dimmable ballast, the first reliable wireless lighting control system, and other innovations that have now been adopted as lighting control standards.  

Personal and family safety is another integral aspect of lighting control. Depending on how your system is configured, all of your exterior lighting can turn on in an instant if intrusion is detected outside of your home. Or turn all of your interior lights on with the press of a single button in an emergency situation.  Our staff at Revience will take pride in designing and installing the lighting solution that fits your budget and your needs, so stop in and let us shed some light on the situation!