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One of the most valuable investments a homeowner can make in terms of asset protection is a home security system. Such a system, should it be equipped with home security cameras, effectively captures video evidence of anything that happens in or around your home. Should a crime occur, you’ll have an invaluable piece of evidence to show the police. Home security systems, with cameras or without, also provide benefits that might not be obvious at first glance.

●        They discourage crimes from happening in the first place | Should a criminal lay eyes on one of your home security camera systems, it will serve as a pretty strong deterrent. After all, nobody wants their face on record as having committed a crime. Even if your system is cameraless, the knowledge that a break-in will sound an alarm is enough to scare off many thieves. In essence, by purchasing a home security system, you’re decreasing the likelihood an attempted crime, be it successful or not, will even happen on your property.

●        They can let you know ahead of time that suspicious activity is occurring | Criminals can circle your home and scope out possible entry points before making a move in the future. Your security system with cameras can capture this activity, which you may not be home or awake to see before it escalates into something financially disastrous, or your family itself becomes the target of violent acts. You’ll have time to contact the proper authorities for advice before catastrophe strikes and take action to prevent that catastrophe from happening.

●        They let you know exactly who—or what—has been on your lawn | Are deer or rabbits responsible for your garden’s untimely demise? Is your neighbor’s dog really sneaking over to dig in your yard, or is it just the work of a bored and unsupervised stray? Are your older kids still safely playing in the yard where they say they are? Some security systems can answer all of these questions for you at any time. They aren’t just for dealing with crime! They operate as an extra pair of eyes, keeping track of things you might not have the time to supervise 24/7. As far as day-to-day supervision goes, their practicality makes them an invaluable tool for families of all income levels and locations.

Indeed, a security system, whether it has cameras or not, is an indispensable companion for the modern American family, but they come in two broad categories: wireless and wired. Which one is better, you might wonder? If you’re a savvy shopper and a discerning consumer, you no doubt want to learn a bit about what you’re buying before you buy it. Revience is here to help you do just that. Below, we compare and contrast these two types of home security systems to help you discern which one might be better for your family.

It All Boils Down to the Individual Circumstances

Which type of home security system is “better” depends on your needs and lifestyle. A client-focused home security systems company like Revience will understand this and only recommend an individual system to you once they’ve gathered information about these factors. It’s for this reason that we recommend speaking to us personally before you make your home security system decision. That said, we can still offer a few facts anyone interested in home security should be aware of.

●        Wired security systems don’t require batteries to operate | These systems plug into your home’s power supply and rely entirely on it to function, while aspects of wireless security systems operate off of battery power. This might give wired security systems an edge as a long-term solution in certain situations, as the maintenance requirements can be lower. However, wireless systems can also require a connection to your home’s power at certain points, depending on the model.

●        You don’t have to pick just one system—you can have both | For example, some wired security systems can work in tandem or separately with wireless aspects. You don’t have to marry yourself to one kind of system or the other! Revience is here to help you find a personalized and comprehensive solution.

●        Renters might do better with a wireless solution | These systems tend to be quick to install with professional help, and they’re relatively portable, in addition to being noninvasive. This means that you most likely can install them with no problems if you’re renting, but always talk to your landlord first.

●        A strong Wi-Fi system is essential for a working wireless security system | As their name implies, these systems rely heavily on your Wi-Fi to perform at their best. If your Wi-Fi is spotty, you might consider a system that does not rely on the internet to function, or you might hire professional help to investigate the cause of your internet’s poor performance before buying.

Still Undecided? Revience is Here to Help

We’re an Edina provider of home automation and home security systems. We specialize in tailored, client-first technological innovations, so don’t hesitate to give us a call at 952-941-5289 if you’re in the market for such services. We’d be more than happy to lend a hand!