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You love your kids—that goes without saying. As a caregiver, from providing them with the healthiest snacks you can to comforting them when they cry and celebrating their happiness, you want to ensure that they have the safest, most fulfilling lives possible. You want to make your children or the children under your care feel supported and secure so that when the time comes to give them independence, they’re ready to spread their wings and fly.

As much as you love your children and want to see them thrive, though, you do know that kids can be curious, and occasionally mischievous. Even if you want to invest in technologies that increase your children’s sense of security or convenience—like home security systems and home automation systems, and similar equipment—you might worry that your kids will poke around on the control panels and disable parts of the system, which renders it useless or leads to sky-high energy bills. This might especially be a concern if you have small children; toddlers are especially prone to excited button-mashing! In addition, you might also feel leery about potentially violating your children’s privacy with home security cameras. You might reason that children are people too, and as much as you want to love and support them, they deserve to know that you trust them, and don’t need to constantly keep an eye on them. You want to foster a sense of independence as well as security; it’s a valid fear that cameras could seem a tad bit overbearing and lead to rightful frustration and resentment from your children.

That being said, home security systems and home automation technologies still have their obvious and undeniable benefits. From wowing the neighbors to deterring thefts to actually saving you money on your energy bills, families across Minnesota are starting to realize how these systems can radically change their lives—and make simpler and safer the lives of their children. Indeed, home security systems and kids can be a great match, and these pieces of equipment can be great parenting tools, provided they’re used correctly and installed with your family situation in mind.

As a home security system company and expert home automation installer, Enhanced Home Systems is here to help your family’s transition to a more automated life go as smoothly as possible. Below, we’ll talk a bit about how to tailor your home security system to your family’s needs, as well as how to help your kids learn to get the most out of such a wonderful investment.

A Customized Home Automation System is Key

Every family is different, and each one has different needs and wants when it comes to home security systems and home automation systems. For example, a family with many young toddlers might opt to strategically place control panels out of reach, while for families with only older children, equipment misuse might not be as much of a concern. Getting the most out of your home automation system depends on identifying your family’s needs and hiring a company that works to understand them and fulfill them. Enhanced Home Solutions’ customizable, attentive, customer-focused approach to our work in the home automation and home security system industries makes us the perfect fit for families of all shapes and sizes. We conscientiously adjust the equipment offered and our installation approaches to fit your needs, and we strive to openly communicate with you so we can turn on a dime should those needs change.

Of course, even with a flexible company, like us, on your side, you still might have concerns about your kids and your new home automation systems, so let us address them.

●        Are you worried about potential privacy violations? Talk to your kids and figure out how they feel | As we stated above, your older kids might not like the feeling of constantly being watched by a home security camera, which can be stationed to look out on anywhere from your yard to the living room. Or, in contrast, they might be perfectly okay with it. The only way to find out is to ask. Having an open conversation about how the new home security system will be used is a great way to ensure you get the most out of your investment while also respecting your children’s growing independence.

●        Are you worried about equipment misuse? Make sure your kids know the purpose of your new systems | While older children will probably have no problem grasping that home automation systems are not toys, younger children might not understand unless the concept is explained. Demonstrate to them how to use the equipment if you feel they are responsible enough, but also explain that, as funny as it may be to them to press buttons with reckless abandon, this can lead to real monetary and environmental consequences. When used as they should be, home automation systems and home security systems will save you money and save the environment—explain that to them, too!

●        Are you worried about your kids not understanding how to use some of the systems? Enhanced Home Solutions can help | By providing innovative, intuitive products that are a cinch for anyone to understand and use, we make it easy for your kids to responsibly utilize your new home upgrade. We’d never leave your home hooked up to a piece of equipment nobody understands!

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