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If you’re one of the growing number of families that has a smart thermostat, your household is probably overjoyed that you made the investment when this time of year rolls around. With temperature controls at your fingertips, you can control the ambiance of your home from afar, thus always keeping it cool when you need it.

Smart thermostats are indeed smart on their own, but with a little ingenuity you can harness their power to get even more out of them, both in terms of comfort and savings. Revience, your Edina provider of advanced home automation solutions, has a few tips below.

Watch Sunrise and Sunset

During the summer, days get gradually longer until they reach the solstice, at which point they begin to shorten once more. The sun rises earlier and sets later each day. Given that solar energy is a big part of what warms your home up in the summer, you should adjust your smart thermostat to meet it.

Of course, you need not fiddle with presets each and every day, unless you want to. A few minutes doesn’t make a huge difference in the grand scheme of things—but those few minutes add up over the course of months. To maintain the ultimate comfort in your home, we recommend taking a few moments every week to adjust your home automation settings to reflect the sun’s routine. It’s key to living in harmony with the summer heat.

You may also save money along the way, as you can ease up on the AC during the cooler nights.

Check for Drafty Areas

Your smart thermostat is intelligent, in the mechanical sense of the word, but not even it can detect punctures in your home’s envelope. That’s up to you, as a homeowner. When windows have broken seals or doors lack weatherstripping, your smart thermostat might seem like it’s malfunctioning—like it can’t get your home to the temperature you desire as quickly as you’d like. In reality, you’re just paying to cool the outdoors!

Help your smart thermostat function at its best by giving it an airtight home in which to work. Many drafty areas can be easily located if you just take the time to examine your home visually. After all, a crack in your caulk is plain as day. If you happen to have any dilapidated doors, those are common culprits, too. Condensation on the inside window pane, while a potential leak indicator in the winter, isn’t as reliable of one in the summer; usually, it denotes humidity issues.

Finding Invisible Leaks

Unfortunately, not all air leaks are obvious, and whether a window or door leaks is visible or not makes no difference to your smart thermostat. They can mess with your smart thermostat all the same. But the good news is that the go-to way to check for invisible issues is easy; according to the United States Department of Energy, to check for air leaks, you should

1.      Make sure all appliances that rely on combustion are safely turned off

2.      Close every potential opening your home has to the outside

3.      Turn on any fan that blows air outside; these tend to be called exhaust fans

4.      Hold lighted incense near areas where you suspect air leaks. If the smoke changes direction, you’ve got a problem.

a.      For a smoke-free solution, dip your hands in water to feel air leaks on your hand

Keeping leaks down not only lowers your energy bill—which is probably part of why you hired a home automation installer in the first place—but it also ensures that you have ready access to the comfort you deserve, thanks to a handy and efficient smart thermostat.

Consider Automated Blinds

Curtains aren’t something we think about on a day-to-day basis, especially with the hectic pace of modern life. But that’s why it’s all too easy to forget to close them and to let the sun in!

Sun isn’t a bad thing at all, of course, but when it’s unexpected it can mean that you aren’t taking full advantage of the comfort-boosting prowess of your smart thermostat. Sure, that piece of home automation gives you flexibility in what temperature you set your home to, but if you need to constantly adjust it to your comfort levels thanks to warming temperatures or weather that flip-flops between sunny and cloudy, that’s not flexibility—that’s just a pain.

Automated blinds are a seamless solution. Maintain consistency in your home by drawing the blinds with the touch of a button when you leave for work in the morning. This helps to prevent warm spots and cuts down on the chances you’ll need to fiddle with your smart thermostat while away to combat summer’s unpredictable weather changes.

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